MW3 Campaign to Be Longer!

MW3’s Campaign to be longer than MW2’s

ONLINE Multiplayer Split Screen – CONFIRMED

MW3 to feature a [holy sh*t] lines of dialog…

and something about the Prestige Shop

Prestige Shop

As I said the prestige shop is another reason to prestige, Robert Bowling has been asked a question on Twitter when you prestige, will the attachments you’ve unlocked for a weapon stay. He answered:

MW3’s Holy Sh*t Amount of Dialog

In the recent Call of Duty Experience, the details of MW3’s dialog were revealed.

Keith Arem, the Talent Director of Activision has explained MW3 has 10,000 lines of dialog more than Black Ops.

To give everyone a kind of perspective, if you look at an average television show, a half-hour series, that has about 400 lines of dialog, and a full motion picture is going to have around 1,500 lines of dialog.

By the time we add in 80, 90, 100 characters and all the soldiers, I think on Black Ops we were pushing 25, almost 30,000 lines of dialogue. We’re at about 41,000 lines of dialogue in Modern Warfare 3 right now.

That is a huge amount of dialog. It has also been revealed at XP that William Fichtner from The Dark Knight and Black Hawk Down will star in the game as a lead character. I wonder who.

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ONLINE Multiplayer Split Screen

You remember that cool feature in Black Ops that enables you to play online multiplayer with two people on the same console with separate controllers? I really liked that feature and finally, Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that it’s coming back:

However, there was a limitation in Black Ops. Only on Xbox could you have two accounts running at the same time same console, and since the devs said there isn’t any downgrades for the PS3 I’m hopeful this feature will come to other platforms as well.

MW3 Campaign to Be Longer

Sledgehammer Games’ CEO and Co-Founder Glen Schofield speaks to CVG and said MW3’s campaign length “all depends on the player,” and it’s becoming longer than its predecessor, MW2.

“My feeling – and the feeling of most of us – is that it’s longer than Modern Warfare 2,” he said.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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