New MW3 Achievement LEAKED!

New MW3 Achievement LEAKED!

“Black Ops” Sequels Confirmed?

Michael Condrey talks Spec Ops

MW3 ‘more easily updated’…

MW3 Official Forums are coming

BF3 favoured over MW3?

and 500 people working on Call of Duty

500 People Working on Call of Duty

Activision has revealed how many people are working on Call of Duty to VentureBeat and if you haven’t noticed from the title already, the number is 500. That’s a hefty amount.

David Stohl (left) is the guy from Activision Blizzard who assigns the number of people working on an Activision-published game. Since Call of Duty bring in a huge amount of their revenue, this job is a really, really big responsiblity.

Anyway, he revealed to VentureBeat at Call of Duty that 500 developers are working of Call of Duty.

Call of Duty has four or five studios working on it at one time and Activision has invested $2 billion in game initiatives over the past two years.

READ MORE Venturebeat

BF3 favoured over MW3, media lies?

PSM3 UK have posted a poll on their Facebook page which you would’ve certainly seen if you’re one of its 2,790 fans. It asks “Simple one. Which are you more excited about: Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3? It will influence an upcoming cover choice…”.

The current results are Modern Warfare 3 71 votes and Battlefield 3 337 votes. There is a 266-vote difference. Pretty huge. Screenshot below.

Does this survey reflect the thoughts of all gamers that Battlefield 3 will come out the best? Of course us, Call of Duty fans, think that MW3 is the best while Battlefield fans will think otherwise. Of course, it’s a matter of opinion.

What’s your thoughts? Do you think it really reflects all gamers’ opinons?

LINKS Vote Now (Facebook account required; you don’t have to like PSM3 page.)

MW3 Official Forums are Coming…

@GuyBeahm (don’t know his real name), the Community Manager at Sledgehammer Games replied to a tweet asking when the forums are coming. He replied:!/guybeahm/status/112227240103776256

So expect them coming soon.

Also, the official MW3 site has been slightly redeisgned:

LINKS Official MW3 Site

MW3 “More Easily Updated”

How we’ve built the game this time as opposed to in the past is we’ve made it a lot easier on the back end to update the other aspects of the game beyond just map packs.

Robert Bowling explained to ShackNews.

So now as we’re advancing content and releasing new maps on multiplayer, we can also further tweak them to also be playable in Spec Ops, and then look at how we can update the game further in other ways like new modes, weapons – whatever we wanna do.

So we’ve done a lot of work on the back end that allows us to update more easily and quickly, and that’s helpful for DLC but it’s also helpful for post-launch support: listening to feedback.

Maybe there’s stuff we want to rebalance. Maybe there’s stuff we wanna patch. We have a lot more control in tweaking the game now, outside of a patch, than we ever did before.


Michael Condrey talks Spec Ops

In an interview with G4TV, Michael Condrey (left) explained the ranking progression system in Spec Ops.

You’re gonna have a ranking system, and your ranking is gonna be based on the scores and accomplishments on both sides, Survival and Mission.

So when you first get the game and you first fire it up, in Spec Ops you may have one map on Survival and one map on Mission. Complete those and based on performance it’ll unlock something new, something cool. Maybe you unlock a new weapon. And then you go back and play Spec Ops Survival really [well] with that weapon and it’ll open some new missions. So there’s this sort of back and forth unlocking of rewards and progressive skill upgrades.

He also said Spec Ops and Multiplayer have separate progression, though emblems and titles  are shared between the two.

They’re their own line. So the integrity of Spec Ops and the integrity of multiplayer are separate.

That was a conscious decision to make sure you could level up and do both experiences. Really get the value out of that without sitting at home playing Spec Ops as a single-player and getting to level 60 then jumping straight across [to multiplayer]. So you have to get them both.


“Black Ops” Sequels Confirmed?

In Activision’s official Investor site, there was a press release back in December saying “Call of Duty®: Black Ops™ Surpasses $1 Billion Worldwide.”

Why is “Black Ops” trademarked? ‘Black ops,’ short for ‘black operations’ means a cover operation.

According to a United States Patent and TradeMark Office, “Call of Duty Black Ops” is officially trademarked by Activision Publishing, Inc.

But why would they trademark “Black Ops”? Other names such as World at War and Big Red One weren’t because they were never to use it again. This may mean they’ll make another Call of Duty game under the name “Black Ops” and there’s proof.

The name “Modern Warfare” was granted to Activision to a (R) registered mark. Of course, they’ve made two new games under that name, Modern Warfare 2 and upcoming Modern Warfare 3.


New MW3 Achievement LEAKED!

Here’s another thing leaked from Modern Warfare 3: achievements. A forum member from named “DEVIL DOG” somehow got to the achievements list of MW3 on Xbox 360.

DEVIL DOG uploaded the images, but unfortunately most of them got taken down and in his latest screenshot – which I have happened to download – all the achievements but one are secret.

According to CoDBattles, the achievement Back in the Fight is for starting the campaign. If you remember the end of Modern Warfare 2, the title is appropriate.

What are your thoughts on an achievement of starting the campaign? Good? Bad? Or is it just so people are bothered to play the campaign? Leak your thoughts in the new poll of the week.

LINKS Se7enSins Forum Thread

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