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Here, you’ll find all the news and information on Modern Warfare 3 and others from Call of Duty XP.


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MW3 Xbox Avatar Gear MW3 World Premiere Multiplayer Trailer
CoD Elite Info Spec Ops Info
MW3 Xbox Bundle 40-minute Multiplayer Gameplay
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MW3 Maps Tango Down Multiplayer Trailer
Zombies: Origins and Evolutions CoD XP Tournament FINALS
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MW3 Xbox Avatar Gear

New MW3 Xbox Avatar Gear was released today on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and it has a couple of shirts, some full-body suits and a hat.


MW3 World Premiere Multiplayer Trailer

At CoD XP, the MW3 Multiplayer World Premiere was revealed for the first time and also put on the official YouTube channel. It’s below.

It has revealed multiple things and there will most likely be a breakdown of it.

CoD Elite Info

Tons of details of Call of Duty Elite was revealed on this first day of CoD XP.

Basically, Elite is a new service by Activision which is designed to help you Connect, Compete and Improve (READ MORE about “Connect, Compete, Improve”). There is a subscription available for $9.95 per month and also a free registration.

The premium (subscription) features haven’t been revealed until today, and they are:

  • Exclusive In-Game Clan Title Cards / Emblems
  • Monthly MW3 DLCs Released Every Month – FREE – Kept when Subscription ends
  • Daily Competitive Programme Guide
  • Clan Benefits
  • Dynamic Expert Strategies
  • Ability to Join Premium Groups
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Premium Theatre Storage
  • Elite TV
  • Call of Duty Elite Founder Benefits
  • All Features of Free Registration

READ MORE about the features · about how it helps · about how to become an Elite Founder · the FAQ · about “Connect, Compete, Improve”

Spec Ops Info

A couple of members of the media and Call of Duty VIPs appeared at a special Call of Duty XP Preview event before it opened to the public.

Some Spec Ops details were revealed, One: Titles and Emblems are integrated with Multiplayer – you can unlock titles and emblems via Spec Ops and use them in Multiplayer. Two: Friendly Fire is enabled by default – if you shoot your teammate, well, they get hurt. They could die!

SOURCE Digital Warfare 24/7

MW3 Xbox Bundle

Activision and Microsoft have announced a new Xbox bundle at Call of Duty XP. This new Xbox bundle will be Modern Warfare 3-styled, suiting the needs of the Call of Duty soldier. It includes:

  • 320 GB Hard Drive
  • 2 Wireless Controllers
  • 1 Wireless Bluetooth headset SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Plays MW3 music and sounds during Start Up and Open/Close of Disc Tray
  • Custom MW3 paint job and design on Console and Controllers
  • A copy of MW3
  • One month Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription FREE
  • Xbox LIVE Avatar Items EXCLUSIVE

The bundle will release alongside MW3, which is November 8th in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and EMEA for $399. If you didn’t want to buy the whole bundle, you can buy the controllers and headsets separately on October 11.

The separate headset also comes with a charging cradle, ear loop, ear gels and an Xbox LIVE token for an exclusive download. All of this is $69.99.

The separate controller also comes with a transforming D-Pad which can be rotated tailored for the needs of your gaming style and an Xbox LIVE token for an exclusive download. All this for $59.99.

Watch the reveal at Call of Duty XP below.

SOURCE Digital Warfare 24/7

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