“Some Info Maybe Thurs”

Sledgehammer’s Glen Schofield says some MW3 info possibly this Thursday

A look into the Scrapyard recreation at CoD XP

Robert Bowling talks MW3 on Twitter

and MW3 Lego… we go Lego!

We Go Lego!

Modern Warfare 3 is just two months away. There are many spoofs to Modern Warfare 2 so why not one for MW3?

This Lego spoof of MW3 proves that it can be as good as the real game.

This video has seen more than 35,000 views in only one day. If Rebecca Black’s hated song “Friday” can do it, then can’t this as well? That would prove to be some competition.

#MW3 on Twitter

Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has talked again on Twitter about MW3, so let’s do a round-up, shall we?

Here’s what he revealed.

  • All contents of MW3’s Hardened Edition will be announced on Call of Duty XP.
  • Prestige Edition hasn’t been announced… yet.
  • MW3’s Multiplayer will feature a very unique unlocking system.
  • There will be the option to skip directly to Multiplayer, like Black Ops.
  • Details about Spec Ops’ ranking system will be explained at CoD XP.
  • Dedicated servers are exclusive to PC, none for consoles.
  • PC Mod Tools are being discussed and not confirmed… yet.
  • Everything in regards to Multiplayer will be revealed, even MW2 feedback.
  • Spec Ops will be playable on future DLCs.
  • The Russian version (SKU) of MW3 has not been finalised and may be censored like Black Ops and MW2.
  • The Astro Gaming Headset will be used at Call of Duty XP.
  • The focus of killstreaks in MW3 have changed, and the whole killstreak system has been “revamped.”
  • There will be parking available at CoD XP.
  • There are no plans for a Call of Duty Movie.
  • Robert Bowling plays on all platforms, but mostly on Xbox LIVE.


We go Paintball!

And in other news, Activision (or whoever’s in charge of it) have posted a photo on the MW3 Facebook page of the recreation of the map Scrapyard from MW2. This recreation will be used as a paintball arena at Call of Duty XP.

It’s nearly perfect, just needs a couple more finishing touches. It looks good, though. Real fun at CoD XP with this thing!

“Some Info Maybe Thurs”

Sledgehammer Games’ CEO Glen Schofield has tweeted that there may be new info on MW3 this Thursday, a day before all the buzz on CoD XP.

So, uh, what might it be? A new trailer? Hope so. I haven’t seen a lot of MW3 trailers in a while.


To celebrate the new Zombies map pack, here’s some zombies videos for you 😀 .

And just a reminder, the new Poll of the Week is up!

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