Black Ops 6 and Modern Warfare 6?

Black Ops 6 and Modern Warfare 6?

Black Ops’ “Big Bang Theory” SPOILER ALERT

MW3’s Folding Scopes and Punisher Grenade Launcher

PS3’s Aging Hardware Limiting Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 3’s Jeep: First Look

Call of Duty Zombie Labs’ giveaway

and MW3’s knock-off Modern Combat 3…

Modern Combat 3

Gameloft has a habit of taking the world’s most popular games and making iOS versions of it, narrowly avoiding copyright infringements. Well, that’s their job.

They’ve done it with World of Warcraft, their version Order and Chaos Online and now they’re aiming down their sights at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The twist is they’re calling it Modern Combat 3.

It has a similarity to upcoming games Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 though Activision nor EA doesn’t own legal rights of firing guns, throwing grenades and causing explosions in first person so Gameloft can’t be blamed for taking advantage of them.


Call of Duty Zombie Labs Schematics Giveaway

As Dan Amrich visited the Call of Duty Zombie Labs at Treyarch, sorry, I meant broke in to the Call of Duty Zombie Labs at Treyarch, he acquired some secret documents.

The blueprints for the Wave and Zap Gun. Now you can build your own!

Z4K-J Magazine

N4T-L13 Magazine

Call of the Dead poster, "not many of these left."

So the giveaway includes:

  • 36″x24″posters of the schematics (blueprints and magazines)
  • Call of the Dead poster

To enter, you MUST fill out this form by the end of Monday August 29th and if you’re lucky, a FedEx Tube will appear on your front door but due to the sensitive information of this nature, you are “NOT TO DISCUSS any of this.”


Modern Warfare 3 Jeep: First Look

Just as Jeep did for Black Ops, they’re doing it again for Modern Warfare 3 as they’ve made a jeep military-style with Modern Warfare 3 branding and – it’s official.

I expect more details to come soon, most presumably Call of Duty XP.

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PS3’s Aging Hardware “Limiting Call of Duty”

The Call of Duty series may be the current best-selling franchise but the fans think that it hasn’t changed much in the releases. Many blame the developers but it turns out the developers are blaming hardware.

In an interview with GameTrailers, Glen Schofield talked a lot about the development of Modern Warfare 3 and the current technology of consoles limiting their potential.

We have so many ideas that don’t get into the game.

Some things are just too big for the consoles that we have right now. We always want to throw in one more tank in there or 10 more different types of enemies. There’s a lot more that we can add but we have a long way to go.

The PS3 released 5 years ago, and technology has made a major leap. Meaning? It’s lagging. In terms of graphics processing alone, the PS3 is using architecture that is now four series behind what is globally available on the market for a reasonable price.

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MW3’s Folding Scopes

The Official Xbox Magazine’s next issue arrives in stores on the 2nd September, and it’s got a juggernaut full of MW3 info.

The whole game will be packed with guns to fit your style, but you don’t have to swap weapons to swap styles in this Call of Duty.
Certain weapons in the game will allow you to fold down the scopes changing your style – from the secretive long-ranger to the quick close-quarters.

Say you’re picking guys in windows out long range in Manhattan, but then kick through a door and start clearing a building. You can now fold down your magnifying scope and already have a close-range optic on your gun – so now you’re engaging guys close-target without having to change weapon.

– Robert Bowling Creative Strategist, Infinity Ward

Tons of research goes into making the actual videogame, especially in games related around the military. According to OXM, developers decided to introduce folding scopes after talking to real Delta Force members.

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MW3’s Punisher

When I meant “punisher,” I meant the Punisher Grenade Launcher to feature in MW3.

In the same interview, Robert Bowling also talked about the XM25 grenade launcher, as you may have remembered back at E3 has been renamed to “Punisher” in the game. Good name, I’ll give it.

It’s great for when you’re fighting in an urban environment. If a guy is behind a concrete barrier, you can laser-tag that cover point, fire over it and it will then programme the round to explode one metre past it. Anyone hiding behind it will be showered down.

– Robert Bowling Creative Strategist, Infinity Ward

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With every great Zombies map comes another great Easter Egg vital to the understanding of the story story of Call of Duty Zombies. And here’s Moon’s.

The Big Bang theory is not that theory scientists make of how the universe began, but Dr Maxis’ theory on how to kill all the zombies on the earth. [SPOILERS] By launching three huge missiles from the moon and detonating them on the earth – which may have killed everything, but certainly not zombies.

In doing this easter egg, you will finally meet your enemy – Samantha Maxis. Watch the following video on the steps.

And after that ending of the Earth being blown up, here’s some gameplay from Area 51:

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Black Ops 6 and Modern Warfare 6? Seriously?

Yes, the possiblity of a Black Ops 6 and a Modern Warfare 6 is real and I think it’s outrageous. I don’t think this will succeed.

Anyway, the news sparked up as Activision went on a domain shopping spree and bought tons of domains such as and

Here’s a full list of the domains, and click on it to view the details.

The domains’ owner’s name may be “DNS tination Inc,” a Whois privacy service offered by MarkMonitor, the owner is most likely Activision, as MarkMonitor is a well-known brand protection company used by high-end companies like Apple, Inc.

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