Dedicated Servers: Yes, Mod Tools: Possible

While MW3 dedicated servers were confirmed, what about mod tools?

Also, MW3 Gunnar Glasses…

Kanye West to perform in Call of Duty XP…

Allegedly leaked MW3 Killstreaks…

and another reason why MW3 is better than Battlefield 3

Another Reason Why MW3 is Better

Michael Condrey, the COO of Sledgehammer Games talked once again about why their upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is better than their rival, Battlefield 3.

What I can tell you is people decide. At the foundation of it, we’re looking at doing an authentic story that’s really emotionally involving for the player. We’ll continue the journey on an epic world scale now.

I think it’s pretty interesting in that these are characters we all love. I think that’s unique to Modern Warfare. We’re all invested in who these characters are. We’ve watched them for six years now, so continuing that journey will be great.

And, of course, he also talked about the Battlefield 3’s 30fps frame rate on consoles.

I think Spec Ops and co-op is very compelling. Multiplayer, we’ll be talking about more at Call of Duty XP but when you pick up that controller it’s fun, it’s fast, it’s 60 frames per second. What 60 frames per second does means is it feels smooth, you’re in the action right away.


Allegedly Leaked Killstreaks

Here’s another mammoth of a leak in Modern Warfare 3 information, like the Kotaku leak but this time it’s all about multiplayer.

You can read all the leaked information here.

I have seen mistakes in the “leak,” which is the Juggernaut point streak which they say is 15, though in the Spec Ops Survival Trailer it was 14.
Also, instead of calling point streaks ‘point streaks,’ they were called killstreaks. Just spotted that there.

Because of these two mistakes I’m not really confident of this being the actual thing. I’d say it’s fake.


Kanye West to Perform at Call of Duty XP

Call of Duty XP is proving to be really worth the money, with everything about MW3 and Call of Duty Elite revealed and live entertainment with Kanye West and more to be revealed soon.

All information on live entertainment has been classified by Activision, but they’ve revealed that Kanye West will close the whole event on the second day and you can watch him there if you have a CoD XP ticket.

Dress Up for Call of Duty XP

I have recently checked the Call of Duty XP FAQ page and it says that Activision has allowed you to “arrive in costume and show their Call of Duty colors.”

Though there are conditions:

Can I dress up? Attendees are welcome to arrive in costume and show their Call of Duty colors, but mock—or real—weapons of any kind are expressly prohibited.

MW3 Gunnar Glasses

Gunnar revealed their official MW3-branded gaming glasses. These aren’t just glasses that you’d normally wear everyday if you’re cool (or think you are) but they have benefits for the Call of Duty gamer.

Gunnar Gaming Glasses…

  • increase CONTRAST for greater visual accuracy and efficiency
  • enhance DETAIL for sharper, clearer vision
  • help REDUCE GLARE and improves focus
  • improve visual ENDURANCE for extended gaming sessions
  • DECREASE eye FATIGUE and dry eyes

So there are terrific benefits, but what’s in the box?

  • Call of Duty MW3 Gaming Eyewear
  • Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 Branded Carrying Case
  • Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 Branded Pouch

LINKS Pre-Order Now · Visit the MW3 Page ·

Mod Tools: Possiblity

Robert Bowling has tweeted that Mod Tools for their upcoming game Call of Duty: MW3 are still a possibility.

Mod tools have been very popular in Call of Duty that there’s even custom maps that you can get. The one I’m particularly thinking of right now is Galactic Warfare for Call of Duty 4.

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