Spec Ops Survival Analysis UPDATE

Tons of new information in this Spec Ops Survival Analysis…

Like the Red Dot Sight from CoD4 and the Red Dot Sight from MW2 returning in MW3.

And the MP5 returns.

And point streaks. Weird.

Here’s the video…

So finally after some weeks of wait, Robert Bowling has finally released the Spec Ops Survival Trailer. I thought it was epic. Anyway, you can see it right here, right now.

See it on YouTube (HD)


And of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance of analysing that Spec Ops vid. Anyway, lots have been revealed from that vid, especially the bit of multiplayer gameplay at the end.

That’s a start. More of the start.
Anyway, here’s the official description of Spec Ops Survival.

In Survival, you will fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies as you earn XP and unlock several types of armories to expand your arsenal and load-out customizations along the way.

Unlock new upgrades and missions as you gain XP and increase in level throughout the Survival experience. Survival challenges along with leaderboards allow you to compete against your friends and prove once and for all, who is the best soldier.

Now, there’s some gameplay of the Survival mode itself. You can of course see the HUD, looking very similar to MW2.

On the bottom-left corner is the current money you’ve got and challenges above it, to gain $500, as it says.

On the top-right corner is the mini-map and under is the number of waves.

Though it appears you are in London here, probably some bonus.

Anyway, you are firing a weapon with that specific sight, and I don’t know what it is.

The following images are of the same map, and the player has just earned a challenge in this one – Kill streak. Now the prize is $1000.

The main purpose of these three images is the red dot sight, and if you’ve played CoD4, you should know it – that’s the default RDS in the game.

It also appears the player are holding an M4 or M16-like weapon.

Here’s another image of it, on the map Dome with a different weapon.

This appears to be the same map to me, but this time it’s a different weapon.

I think it’s the ACR.

Remember when Robert Bowling said that the MP5 from CoD4 would be returning? Well, he is saying the truth (of course, he’s a dev) – with proof: these images.

Okay, here’s another weapon that I don’t know about.

Though what’s happening in the background appears to be a Predator missile, or as it’s known now, the Reaper missile firing.

Here’s another weapon. From the sound and the appearance, I’m going to call it an AK-47 which has been changed.

If you play the video again, you will see that it has more recoil. That’s the only change that I saw.

Just as well for me to screenshot this, it is what you see as you ‘zoom in’ to Dome.

You can see the overhead view of it and part of the layout of the map.

The first image is what you see at the start of the actual match, and I believe you are holding the Five-Seven pistol.

Oh, and remember in MW2 when you kill someone, instead of blood flying, it’s money? I think it’s coming back in MW3. Check the third image.

Some more on the Model 1887, the weapon that enemies have within the first wave.

Lots going on in this screen. Okay, number one: you’ve been promoted to Level 1.

Also, on the right are new unlocks, and they look like perks.

  • Extreme Conditioning Judging from the icon shown, it looks like it’s a Marathon (longer running)-like perk.
  • SitRep Probably the same as the last perk, being able to see enemy equipment; i.e. claymores.
  • Steady Aim Probably the same, steadier aim when hipfiring.

Here’s an interesting thing. In the first image, you see purple smoke. In the second image you see an explosion by the purple smoke.

In the third image, it is revealed as the Air Support Marker which lases where Air Support will fire.

Finally, the weapon armoury. Weapons galore!

Here are the weapons:

  • Model 1887
  • USAS 12
  • M16A4
  • AK-47
  • ACR 6.8
  • M60E4

This appears to be the ACR 6.8 from the Weapon Armoury above.

Here is the Equipment Armoury. On the bottom, you would be able to see the Share button, which would cost $500, even though the C4s are $1500.

It includes:

  • Frag Grenade Refill
  • Flashbang Refill
  • Claymore [x5]
  • C4 [x5]
  • Auto Turret (Sentry gun)
  • Auto Grenade Launcher
  • Last Stand ‘Refill’

This is the MP5K, a variant of the MP5 which was in MW2; and it is returning in MW3.

Also, you can see the MW2-style red dot sight attached to it, so both the CoD4 and the MW2 RDSs are coming.

Here is another image of the MP5K, without the Red Dot Sight.

Just like he said in his tweet:

Random image of a flashbang throw…

The final armoury, the Air Support Armoury. It has all your possible air support.

It includes:

  • Predator Missile (from the E3 footage, it was called “Reaper”)
  • Delta Squad
  • Riot Shield Squad

Here are the Kamikazes, the attack dogs with explosives strapped to them.

It appears they will be very noticeable, hence the red glow around them.

So what happened to this guy is, well, the kamikaze got on him and the player, OSCAR MIKE, shot it and now he’s trying to get away from it.

But it didn’t turn out right – someone shot him.

Anyway, you have 55 seconds, according to the image to revive your temmate, so be there.

I’ve taken screenshots of the Predator (though called Reaper in E3)  missile, just so you can see. 😀

Yes this is an AK-47, and you might think that I grouped it to the other AK pictures.

The main message of this is the unknown scope. It appears to be an ACOG scope with the sight similar to the Red Dot Sight. Must follow up on this.

Here comes the Juggernaut. This juggernaut looks similar to the one in MW2, though didn’t Bowling say something about different types of Juggernauts?

Confirmed: the Riot Shield is back. Crossing fingers to it not returning to multiplayer!

From the other angle (this angle), stillRIZZO is firing at the Juggernaut with an M16A4 with the MW2-style red dot sight.

Ooh, ending… though they are great images, I think.

Wait, that wasn’t the ending! Bonus Multiplayer footage thanks to Robert Bowling! I’m happy. 😀

This is an unknown weapon, I don’t know if it’s an ACR because of the Remington logo on the side. I’ll keep this as a Remington.

Here, from what I see, is the FMG9. From the Kotaku leak, you may remember, it is the “Folding Machine Gun”. Something that’s true about MW3 from that.

You may have seen the equipment from the picture above, though it looks weird.

Remember Makarov’s ambush in MW2 in the mission Loose Ends? Remember the ambush? I think the weapon he used was this one… now it’s equipment.

This is an interesting image. So it blew up.

Look to the bottom left corner. It shows you how someone died. It’s interesting because it had the AC130 icon instead of something else. Also, point streaks? More later.

Point Streak Theory

Those two images were interesting. From the last image, it said “JUGGERNAUT 14 Point Streak!”

@kkiller14 and I thought of this, and from the bar on the bottom-right which featured a bar.

We think that for every point streak you get, you get the corresponding reward. I may have talked about a “twist” on Twitter, and I may have found it.

You most likely earn a point streaks after earning points from kills, objectives, etc. in rapid succession. They did this instead of kill streaks to focus you more on objectives rather than kills.


The all caps was unintentional, and I wasn’t angry.

I am awaiting Robert Bowling’s reply.

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