Call of Duty to Return to Where It Began?


Is Call of Duty to Return to WWII?

450 CoD XP tickets up for grabs from GameStop…

MW3 “Ready for Competition”

Learn More Zombies…

Heads Up, Zombie Killers!

Listen up, zombie killers, I know you’re happy of Rezurrection – the new map pack that ends the whole zombies drama, but you can learn some more of it here!

Though you may need a username and password, show no fear! @CoDzombieforum tweeted the credentials…

Oh, and by the way, answer the poll of the week on the sidebar!

MW3 “Ready For Competition”

The huge success of the Call of Duty franchise had an impact to the gaming market, other titles aren’t… well, seen because of this ‘black hole’.

But that really isn’t the case this year – with games such as Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 readying for the release a few months before MW3 to hit the shelves.

As you may think Call of Duty developers are getting anxious, they aren’t, as Robert Bowling explains that they’re prepared.

If there’s anything we’re used to it’s competition. We’re going up against fantastic games every holiday season so this is no different than any other year. There are many great games coming out this season, but the great thing is, all those games have very different experiences that they are delivering which I think is going to be great for people this holiday as they are going to have a lot of choice and variety when they sit down and play.

The more popular and highly-anticipated modes of Modern Warfare 3, however, haven’t been ‘fully’ explained – we’ll just have to wait ’till CoD XP.

This behaviour is actually very typical. Very typical, indeed.

See it on

450 CoD XP Tickets Up For Grabs

GameStop has once again given a pre-order bonus, this time giving away 450 CoD XP tickets when you pre-order a copy of MW3. But don’t be too late – a bit over than two days remaining!

Pre-order now!

Call of Duty 10: World War 2?

Call of Duty has started as a World War 2 game, which made it popular, then came the Modern Warfare series and Black Ops.

You may be thinking “Whoa, Call of Duty 8 is MW3, Call of Duty 9 is Black Ops 2… are we thinking too far ahead?” but Robert Bowling has hinted the return of the WWII battlefield.

There’s so many great stories there that can still be told.

And to be told now with the technology that we have, to the level of detail that we can now attain, would be fantastic.

Right now, though, we’re completely focused on Modern Warfare 3.

Infinity Ward also seems to be keen of continuing the Modern Warfare series, though the Kotaku leak suggests MW3 is the end.

This is definitely a pay-off for the characters and the momentum that this conflict has been building since Call of Duty 4 – so it’s definitely a pay-off for the investment that the fans have put in to this conflict, but I would never say that it’s the end of a trilogy.

And now you would ask whether there’d be more to come. Thankfully, they did.

Potentially… we never know.

So what do you think of Call of Duty to return to World War 2? Is it a good move or a bad move?

I personally think it is not really a good move – the stories of the second great war may be great and inspiring, though I think the developers are good with their own fictional creations.


MW3 Wallpapers

I have noticed many searches for MW3 wallpapers recently, so I decided to Google around some good ones. I got… uh, let me count…

…I got 14 wallpapers, and you can click on them for the full size, right-click the image and download the image.

And some videos… for the real fanz 🙂


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