Call of Duty on PS Vita?

Did Eric Hirshberg confirm a Call of Duty Vita game?
MW3 on the DS, Confirmed

“Explosive deterrents” in MW3
And M40A3 Confirmed in MW3?

M40A3 Confirmed in MW3?

“Explosive Deterrents” in MW3

Robert Bowling has confirmed that “explosive deterrents” such as the Flak Jacket will return in many forms in MW3. It is unknown whether it will return as a perk (like in MW2, which was unpopular), though he says explosive damage has been reduced overall for more gun-on-gun.

MW3 DS Confirmed

We already know that Modern Warfare 3 is coming to the Nintendo Wii, but Dan Amrich also confirmed its DS release.

There’s also a Nintendo DS edition planned, which is being developed by n-Space. They’ve done the handheld editions of COD4:MW, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and World at War, among many other DS games. (You may remember my interview with n-Space’s Dan O’Leary onepisode 030 of the One Of Swords Podcast, too.) So, the DS version is also in expert hands.

Read it on his blog, OneOfSwords.

Call of Duty – Action-Adventure Genre?

In GameStop’s Interview with Eric Hirshberg talked about MW3 moving closer as an action-adventure genre.

GS: Speaking of new ideas and Sledgehammer, I know that according to Activision’s own words, the studio is working on expanding Call of Duty franchise into the action adventure genre. Presumably that’s a different project.

EH: Yeah, totally.

GS: Yeah. What’s the status on that?

EH: They’re focusing specifically on Modern Warfare 3.

GS: Are they actively developing the new game now or is it on the back burner?

EH: No, they’re focusing specifically on Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Vita

We all know that Sony revealed its latest portable gaming system, the PS Vita, and GameStop has also asked Eric Hirshberg about Call of Duty on the system.

GS: Now, let’s talk about the PlayStation Vita. You guys came out early in support of the Vita and you’ve got a Call of Duty game in development for the platform. Who’s actually developing that?

EH: I’m not sure we’ve made that public yet, so I can’t answer it. (Looks at pair of PR minders sitting across the table.)

GS: I think this is where the censorship starts…

EH: It’s not censorship. I’m just a leaky bucket as I always tend to answer the questions. They’ve been storing a little electrode in the back of my neck.

GS: So is Call of Duty going to be a Vita launch title?

EH: We haven’t announced the details yet.

GS: So, is it Activision’s sole property in development for the Vita?

EH: Yes.

Read the full interview here.

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