Black Ops 2?

Black Ops 2 Teased?

Also, a big MW2 glitch…
Quickscopers REJOICE!
MW3 v. BF3 – What does the official Xbox Magazine think?
A Check on MW3’s Pre-Orders…
And, support Call of Duty!

Support Call of Duty!

The best way of supporting Call of Duty – voting it for an award! Call of Duty: Black Ops has been nominated as the Best Shooter and Game of the Year, while Call of Duty: MW3 has been nominated as the One to Watch in the 29th Annual GamesMaster Golden Joystick Awards.

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MW3 Pre-Orders, How You Doing?

Modern Warfare 3, the highly anticipated shooter and upcoming Call of Duty game is at a tight battle… with Battlefield 3. And we all know that. At least, we should.

So how is it doing against it in pre-order sales? Thanks to VGChartz, we can find out.

Position Name Platform Weeks to Launch Weekly Change Total Pre-Orders
1 Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 8 34,849 1,255,659
2 CoD MW3 Xbox 360 15 58,913 662,875
3 Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 13 49,938 359,810
4 CoD MW3 PS3 15 28,970 284,917
10 Battlefield 3 PS3 13 19,623 176,723

So that’s basically what has to be talked about, BF3 is really lagging behind MW3 pre-orders.

*The pre-order sales were as of 30 July 2011.
You can see all the pre-orders here.

MW3 v BF3 – OXM

More on the topic, the Official Xbox Magazine has made a comparison between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3; what do they think?


Battlefield 3 The first BF3 reveal showed 12 minutes of campaign gameplay, and every second of it impressed us. The E3 single-player demo — spotlighting a sprawling tank battle — packed a similar punch.

Modern Warfare 3 From what we’ve seen, the MW3 campaign has the same awe-inspiring OMFG factor as the last few CoDs. With America, England, Germany, and France under attack, we’re anxious to see how Soap & Co. close out the chaotic trilogy-ending finale.

Winner: Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 The killer map design and sheer size of each arena is going to be a huge benefit for Battlefield 3. The return of BFBC2’s quintessential Rush game mode — which sees players pushing their way forward by blowing up key control points — will be an awesome addition.

Modern Warfare 3 While Battlefield is a team game, Modern Warfare is very much a personal multiplayer experience. Sure, you have teammates, but it’s the individual progression that does it for us.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


Battlefield 3 – Battlelog Taking a cue from Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’s incredible, persistent-world Autolog feature, “Battlelog” is how Battlefield will track real-time player stats, allowing gamers to create platoons (read: clans) and socialize with others. EA insists that no aspect of Battlelog will require payment (in contrast to Activision’s announcement that there’ll be paid premium membership privileges for its “Call of Duty: Elite” community service).

Modern Warfare 3 – CoD Elite Tracking K/D ratios on your phone? Uploading in-game videos and analyzing heat maps after each match? Call of Duty: Elite is definitely aimed straight at the hardcore.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


Battlefield 3 Because Bad Company 2’s feature-set lagged behind most shooters, Battlefield 3 is playing a bit of catch-up. … DICE’s new Frostbite 2.0 graphics engine allows for some gorgeous destruction, too.

Modern Warfare 3 Mechanically, so far Modern Warfare 3 doesn’t look like a huge departure from recent entries in the CoD series, for better or worse. True, we generally subscribe to the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra for the most part, but the lack of anything noticeably new is a little disheartening for any gamer crossing their fingers for a complete refresh.

Winner: Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 Bad news first: only by preordering Battlefield 3 will you nab the Physical Warfare Pack, giving you access to otherwise inaccessible weapons and equipment. While EA insists the pack won’t give you an unfair advantage, this does conjure thoughts of monetizing in-game superiority.

Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare’s downloadable map packs will be coming to Xbox 360 first and…well, that’s really all we know. Activision isn’t talking much about what we’ll see, when we’ll get to play it, and if it’ll still match the dreaded $15 tag that the series has made its standard price point for previous downloadable offerings.

Winner: Battlefield 3


The problem is, OXM didn’t end with one. They only had comparisons. So counting all the winnings, the game with the most ‘wins’ is…
Battlefield 3. BF3 had three ‘wins’ while MW3 had two – but this is only before the game released.

Read it all here.

Quickscopers Rejoice!

Quickscoping is back – confirmed, this time – and how many of you are happy?

You can hear all about what he said below. Along with a poll.

MW2 Glitch

Thanks to Noclip, it is able to discover this glitch in the mission ‘Loose Ends’ where Gen. Shepherd killed Ghost and Roach from TF 141. I was crying 😥 (I wasn’t, seriously). Anyway, the proof is… just watch.

And the original:

See it here.

Black Ops 2?!

No, not Call of Duty 8 Modern Warfare 3, but Call of Duty 9 Black Ops… 2!

OXM has recently put in their magazine… this.

What will Treyarch’s 2012 Call of Duty game be? Bet on Black Ops 2 says The Ball…

Isn’t that revealing? Let’s just hope it’s a good one.

See it on Loud Mouthed Gamers.

Oh, and if you thought you’d find it in OXM Online, you won’t.

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