How Can You Pre-Qualify?

How Can You Pre-Qualify for the Million-Dollar CoD XP event?

Also, is the frame-rate argument bullsh*t?

Show Your Love For MW3!

And A Few Call of Duty Videos to Sum It Up…

Show Your Love For MW3!

I have seen some tweets from the devs / officials about voting on this poll, like…


and @GlenSchofield.

This poll is hosted by T3, and they’ll reveal the results on Monday, or in my timezone, Tuesday.

So vote for Modern Warfare 3 — because if you are reading this, you do like the game.

So click here, scroll down and vote for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — the results aren’t really looking good.

Frame-Rate Argument Bullsh*t?

After EA revealed that Battlefield 3, its upcoming game will be in 30 FPS, which is normal TV standard; while its competitor, Modern Warfare 3 will run at 60 FPS.

FPS, meaning Frames Per Second is how many different images appear between, well, one second. The higher frame-rate, the clearer the thing is — to the human eye.

However, DICE has replied to this claim, stating…

As for the frame-rate we’ve made a conscious decision to stick with 30 FPS on console. It’s not a technical problem with getting our game to run in 60 FPS but we do this in favor of the large amount of players, large scale maps, huge amount of vehicles, full-on destruction and so on.

Johan Anderson

Rendering Architect, DICE

What do you think about this debate? I can’t make a poll here right now, so you’re going to have to comment what you think.

Read the original story over here.

How Can You Pre-Qualify For CoD XP?

There are tons and tons of ways to qualify for Call of Duty XP. From the Call of Duty EliteBeta, to GameStop, to HMV…

Here are nearly all the possible events you can join. Briefly.

Worldwide Call of Duty EliteBETA August 5-13
USA GameStop August 6-7
UK HMV August 7-13
Xbox LIVE August 1-14
France Micromania July 11-24
Benelux Game Mania July 16-30
Germany Gamescom August 18-20
Scandinavia July 15-27
Italy Electronic Sports League July 11-30
Spain Winners to be announced Complete
Australia Winners to be announced Complete
At CoD XP Call of Duty XP, LA September 2

If you want to join any event, click here.


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