Activision, What Did You Declassify This Time?

Activision Declassifies In Secret – What do I Mean?

Also, the Retaliation Map Pack… LEAKED!

Robert Bowling Reveals More Info…

And a Few Tweets…

Oh, and Annihilation just released for the PS3 and PC

A Few Tweets

Just a few tweets… by officials… for a bit of news…

Robert Bowling Reveals More…

Robert Bowling had an interview with Tweakers.Net lately, and he reveals a lot of info.

  • The big challenge with the game’s technology is what drove the engine to be upgraded – the increase of urban environments.
  • People without the Call of Duty Elite service should have the same playing ability as the Elite users.
  • MW2 was all about K/D Ratio, MW3 will try to reward people who play based on objectives.
  • He read all rumours, and some ideas came from it – that’s feedback!
  • MW3 is focusing more on gun-on-gun, personal load outs and less reliance on air support.
  • You will never be the leader or captain of a group, he wants you to be ‘lowest ranking’ squad member.
  • Everything will be released on the same day. I mean, the whole game. The DLCs will be delayed for PS3 & PC, still.
  • Captain Price retrun? No comment.
  • Quickscoping – confirmed.
  • Snipper lobbies: possibility. He sayd it’s how the player sets it up.
  • After-life perks, eg. Second Chance – no comment.
  • There will be a smaller map (Or is it smaller maps?) for one-on-ones.
  • Unsure if Call of Duty will ever return to MW2.
  • Ghost Spin-Off? Are you serious? (It never existed.)
  • He won’t comment if old CoD stats, MW, MW2, would affect current stats.
  • There will be changes in the Melee a.k.a. Knifing system.
  • Limbs can not be shot or blown off.

Now, if you’re really thinkng ‘I want to see this interview!’, you can!

See it on Charlie INTEL.


Is it real? Are the rumours real? Is it really a leak?

There have been rumours of a new Black Ops map pack, ‘Retaliation’ that have been circling the net. Here’s the details.

There are four multiplayer maps, and one zombies map.

  • Mansion is set in Castro’s secret compound within Cuba.
  • Cargo is set in a frozen shipping centre in Greenland.
  • Metro is set in an urban city in Vietnam.
  • Harbour is set in an abandoned shipyard in America.
  • Zombies Quarantine is set in Area 51 – the highly controversial military base in Nevada.

There also has been another rumour about it – of all the map packs spelling a word.

First Strike




More XP Info Declassified

Activision has been revealing more of Call of Duty XP each week, and this time they said more. Like where Call of Duty XP actually is.

When and where is Call of Duty XP? The event will take place September 2nd and 3rd, 2011 at the Call of Duty XP compound, a massive installation in Playa Vista, California in the heart of Los Angeles

Also, more has been revealed of the experiences.

Zip Line When you need to traverse the map in Kowloon, you take a zip line. This place is no different. Cut the line and get a bird’s eye view, Call of Duty style.
Juggernaut Sumo Go head-to-head and bomb suit to bomb suit against fellow fans in the ring. It’s time to beat the crowd, literally.
Spec Ops Course Test your mettle in our Spec Ops course where brawn takes a back seat to speed and accuracy. Dust off and dry clean your flak jacket.
Call of Duty Store Walk away with one of a kind premium merchandise from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Zombies and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Take home a piece of this epic event.
Run the Pit Gear up and clock your best time in the pit, for real. This iconic moment from Modern Warfare 2 comes to life as you run and shoot to win prizes and bragging rights.
Live Multiplayer Experience How well do you know Scrapyard? Find out as you throw down in an all-out paintball battle in our life-size recreation of this iconic map from Modern Warfare 2.

You can of course see the actual map of the event by clicking here without having to right-click on it and select Open in a New Tab.

Otherwise, you can see the FAQ page with your mouse here.

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