MW3 Concept Art

MW3 Concept Art: Cool

Also, Map Pack 4 for Black Ops?

Vahn Hints Map Pack 4?

Did David Vonderhaar just hint that there’s a new map pack?

In Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar’s interview with Digital Spy, he may have hinted of a next map pack after ‘Annihilation,’ the latest one.

I can’t talk to anything beyond ‘Annihilation’, but keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t you think?

There has also been speculation of the name of the map packs:

First Strike




The name Retaliation is still a rumour, it is unknown what the actual name is.

The start of all the names spells FEAR, which is also rumoured to be a Zombies-only map pack. Interesting.

Here’s also another video related to that.

See the story on TheSixthAxis.

This is Cool

Sledgehammer Games, the co-developer of MW3, have posted two photos of concept art of MW3.

And it’s COOL.

This is the NY harbour scene, and it looks good.

This is the scene of the devastation in New York, Wall Street (I think).

And you can see the album here.

Random Videos!

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