MW3 Hardened Edition CONFIRMED!

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling Confirms SOMETHING BIG

Also, Sledgehammer Games’ Glen Schofield also reveals something

two new MW3 screenshots…

IW on the ‘natural progression’ of development

and How MW3 Incorporates YOUR feedback.

How Does MW3 Incorporate YOUR Feedback?

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist says keeping MW3’s “wide array of fans” happy is a big challenge. Creatively.

In his interview with Eurogamer, they talked about how the company is listening to feedback from the GIANT community.

I want to make sure our fans are informed and know what Modern Warfare is so they can give us informed feedback. So that was the biggest challenge with it – making sure we start the conversation about Modern Warfare 3 so we can have an honest conversation with our fans of what to expect so you can tell us what you want more of.

Read the full interview on EuroGamer. NOW!

IW on the ‘natural progression’ of Development

I can only speak on behalf of Infinity Ward, but I think it’s a natural progression of how things have been going in general.

We’re at a state now in the Call of Duty franchise, where you have several teams working on CoD that have their own very distinct styles on what type of gameplay they deliver (Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Beachead all working on CoD projects). And I think that’s a great thing for Call of Duty in general, especially if you’re having games come out every year. To have very distinct flavors and to have very distinct styles, it allows us to innovate in different ways and not feel forced to innovate in the same ways and build on the same interactions in the other games.

Robert Bowling

Creative Strategist, Infinity Ward

While ultimate zombies fans may have been disappointed that the mode is not to be featured in MW3, Robert Bowling sure doesn’t think it’s a bad thing.

It’s a stellar game mode!

Though he thinks it isn’t fit for Modern Warfare 3.

I think it comes down to design philosophies. Each game has its own personality and voice. Ours typically stick to the authentic/fun aspects, where there’s goes in a different directions that’s still fun, but unique to Treyarch’s voice and their design sensibilities.

It is still unknown if Spec Ops is IW / Sledgehammer only neither is Zombies Treyarch only.

See more on Joystiq now.

Two New High Quality MW3 Screenshots

These images were officially released by Activision.

See it on Charlie INTEL.

Devs Reveal Something

CONFIRMED MW3 Hardened Edition!

Comment what you’d want in it.

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