SERIOUS New Survival Info

Seriious New Info on Survival Spec Ops

Also, what does X-Play think of the latest Annihilation DLC?

Hangar 18 Easter Eggs…

And Bowling features interviews in Germany.

CoD XP Tickets Now Available!

I haven’t mentioned this on the day itself, so I thought I’d mention it today, but CoD XP tickets are now available, with travel packages.

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Robert Bowling Goes on German TV

Robert Bowling, the creative strategist for Infinity Ward, has been tweeting about him being in some interviews in Germany for MW3.

Hangar 18 Easter Eggs

X-Play Recommends

X-Play, an American video game show based on gaming news and reviews have reviewed and “recommended” the latest Call of Duty DLC, Annihilation, in their “X-Play Recommends” series.

See the Video

New Survival Info

In NowGamer’s trial of MW3’s Survival mode, they revealed something rather BIG.

Here’s the info.

  • Experience is rewarded for each kill, with bonus points for headshots, longshots, killstreaks and so on.
  • You are equipped with Last Stand on Round 1.
  • You have a suit of armour when the gmame is started.
  • There are challenges in the mode.
  • The bottom-left of the screen contains a rampage meter, which fills as you earn killstreaks.
  • Once you earn a certain amount of kills, you receive a large amount of money as a bonus.
  • There are multiple armouries: the weapon armoury, the air support armoury and the equipment armoury.
  • You can buy lots of attachments like red dot sights and grenade launchers in the weapon store.
  • You can upgrade your weapon at the weapon armoury.
  • The equipment armoury can give you flashbangs, Kevlar vests, sentry guns and more.
  • The air support armoury has ‘stuff’ like the Reaper drone (former Predator missile) and the Delta Squad reinforcement – very handy.
  • The first Delta Squad is a team of AI bots of the actual squad that will fight alongside you, and you follow their lead. Killing all enemies, of course.
  • The second Delta Squad is a riot shield team. They rush in with brutal defence covering your front and flank. Awesome.
  • Please note that the Delta Squad and other reinforcements stay with you as long as they’re alive.
  • Dome is an impressive close quarters map.
  • It has a dusty, open central area that spills out into a ruined warehouse to the east.
  • The warehouse is like the one in the MW2 / CoD4 map ‘Vacant’.
  • Attack dogs are explosive, like the animal version of the RC-XD. They’re called Kamikazes.
  • You can buy a new protective armour vest.
  • Juggernauts ‘r back. Those badasses start at wave 10 but now, Bowling says they have many times.
  • Hey, that’s familiar! Some ld weaons like the MP5 and P90 ‘r comin’ back from CoD4.
See all of it, plus what they think here.

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