MW3 Beats Black Ops Pre-Orders

How’s MW3 doing in pre-orders this week?

Also, how to win a Call of Duty Elite laptop bag…

More on the MW3 London mission

and floating apples are real!

Uh, floating apples, sir?

You may have remembered how Treyarch defied gravity in their maps, from Villa to it’s latest – Hangar 18.

People are so angry at Treyarch for adding something impossible to the game, but it’s not Treyarch’s fault, as @NuckFuggets tweeted its proof.

If you are unsure, this isn't real.

Mind the Gap

We have heard of the London mission, Mind the Gap which was fairly mentioned in the New York’s ‘test drive’ of MW3, which involved the mission itself.

But now we hear from a different source, the Electronic Theatre (, who said this.

Set around the famous London landmark Canary Wharf, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will reportedly take players underground as well as through the streets of Wapping, East London.
The gun fighting takes place both on the underground rail network and above ground, though information on exactly which streets players will visit, and how accurate their in-game depiction is, is not currently available.

See the full post on Electronic Theatre here.

How to Win an [EPIC] Elite Laptop Bag

Dan Amrich, the Social Media manager said on his blog that he was to give the extra bag he got, with goodies!

The post may be old, but you can still enter until… the end of tomorrow. The prize will be drawn on the 26th.

Enter now!

Today in the… uh, pre-orders?

VGChartz have just released the latest on the pre-order status on MW3 and other games (Of course MW3 is winning! After Gears of War.). Last week’s pre-orders were 502,317 and the weekly change was 31,237.

This week, the total is 531,687, which is about 30,000 more and the weekly change is 29,370. So the weekly change is decreasing – for some reason.

However, this time (17 weeks to launch) last year was Black Ops at #4, with 212,438 and the weekly change was 18,167. So MW3 really is going a lot better than Black Ops this week. By about 120,000.

See the charts on VGChartz now.

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