Bowling Reveals More

In Robert Bowling’s recent interview with DualShockers, he revealed more…

Also, what’s GameStop’s new pre-order bonus?

And [more] Call of Duty Elite info…

More Elite Info

Dan Amrich has said more about Call of Duty Elite:

And the Elite FAQ page, one of the new updates of the Elite site.

Click here to read 3,537 words of FAQ.

What’s GameStop’s New Pre-Order Bonus?

GameStop has updated its pre-order page for MW3 with yet another bonus. Previous bonuses were a dual-sided wallpaper and your chance to win a CoD XP ticket.

Current Status:

  • Wallpaper Expired.
  • XP Ticket 15 days remaining to enter.
  • Classified It’s classified!

The latest bonus is still unknown, as it’s classified, but there’s 3 days to go until they reveal it. Probably something about Elite.

See the GameStop page.

Bowling Reveals…

Robert Bowling recently had an interview with DualShockers, where he revealed some info on MW3. Here’s basically the info he revealed and / or confirmed.


  • The campaign’s story is completely different to the real world, only the places are real.
  • Russian forces have invaded America.
  • Playing in real world environments “change the way you play”.
  • New York has been under Russian control so it’s not populated – Americans are taking it back.
  • Other places such as London, Paris and Berlin are still populated as the attacks have just started in those places.
  • Fighting in each location will be different.
  • It’s very cinematic – from falling helicopters to falling skyscrapers.


  • You can change your classes via Elite and update them – even when you’re in a game!

Spec Ops

  • Mission Mode (presumably Civilian Rescue) will have cool locations that “don’t fit in MP or the campaign”.
  • Survival mode will feature leaderboards, rankings, etc. from multiplayer.
  • You can play multiplayer maps in Survival.

CONSOLE WARS – PS3 v Xbox 360?

  • “We are making sure you are getting the same experience on all systems.”
  • 100% no suffering for PS3ers. (Let’s hope that’s real.)
See the story on DualShockers - they shock you twice or they shock you double the power.

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