MW3 to be Tested by Outsiders

Infinity Ward has invited mapMonkeys, a glitching community… I mean one of the best glitchers to test the current MW3 multiplayer beta. More info? Later.

Also, there are no MW3 betas! And how to trick your friends that you’re playing the MW3 beta!


It’s very simple to use this tool just:

  1. Download File,
  2. Choose what platform (e.g. Xbox 360)
  3. Generate your MW3 Beta Code.
  4. Write down code,
  5. Redeem your code from Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or Steam.

Houston, we have a problem. It’s a fake.

Spammers everywhere have made MW3 beta code generators, but there’s just one simple problem: it won’t work. Why? It’s fake.

If you see any video online showing the menus of the so-called ‘MW3 beta’, don’t fall for it. It isn’t true. It’s spam. No matter how hard those people wasted, it will remain as spam.

Some strong accusations, but how can you prove it? Robert Bowling himself proved that they’re not making any betas outside of their studios (studios, as in IW & SHG) via Twitter:

We haven’t announced a #MW3 beta but they are having a beta for the COD Elite program.

The developers admitted it, there isn’t a beta! Only a minority now about the truth, so please, share this!

How to Trick Your Friends You Have the ‘Beta’

Since I said there are only a few people who know of the beta, you can still trick your friends that YOU have the beta. How?

Even though it told you that you have to read the description to download it, I found the link and you can click here to download.

NOTE You don’t need PhotoShop to change the image itself, just a program that can edit it, like Paint.NET or GIMP.

Click this for full size!

Here’s my interpretation, I just changed it a bit.

mapMonkeys to test MW3 MP Beta, the real one

mapMonkeys, one of the world’s best glitchers have flown in today to Los Angeles to test the real MW3 MP beta. Why? To find the most glitches in the specified time (a week) as possible, and it’s not a competition; it’s serious.

Four members of mapMonkeys are being flown out to California on Sunday, July 10th, to test Modern Warfare 3, including mapMonkey, IM Buddy8, skateboard, and myself!

This time, Infinity Ward is keeping us there an entire week so we can find more bugs and glitches than ever before!

mapMonkeys has before co-operated with the developers of Call of Duty for Modern Warfare 2 and World at War. They used to only have three days per game, but this time, they have a whole week to do it (according to their thread).

View the thread!

[BONUS] Xbox 360 Magazine gets a Hands-On

The Xbox 360 Magazine had a hands-on with Modern Warfare 3, and if you really want to read about it, you must get it!

This hands-on will be on the next issue, on the 13th of July, one day before the Elite Beta (sign up now) launches.

View the full post here.


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