MW3 Full Weapons List?

Earlier today, has released, or revealed the so-called full list of weapons in MW3, but what do I think? Also, the new free / subscription service for Call of Duty, Elite could support earlier Call of Duty games.

MW3 Weapons? released what people call the full list of weapons that is in the upcoming hit, Modern Warfare 3.

The list below has a total of 29 confirmed weapons that will be in the game.

So they say there are 29 weapons. When I saw the list, it was only from how they confirmed it via gameplay and the Kotaku leak. The Kotaku leak proved to be an untrustable source of information, so I have disregarded it from the list below.

Model 1887

That’s all the weapons that can be fully confirmed, it actually is, I haven’t included the weapons from Kotaku, as I deemed it untrustable.

Otherwise, you can see all the weapons and their stats here.

Elite Could Support Other Games…

The upcoming service, Call of Duty Elite to launch this November alongside Modern Warfare 3 is only supporting two Call of Duty games, Black Ops and MW3. However, two of the most popular games are still being played, the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 and in a recent interview of OXM, the spokesperson for Beachead Studios, making Elite says that they are ‘weighing the possibilities’ of adding these games to the support list.

We haven’t ruled anything out yet, but we’ve been laser-focused on Black Ops implementation, and more importantly, instrumenting the service to support every game that comes on from here.

The challenge is cracking open the old games, because it only works well when it’s built next to and within the game.

We’d love to do it in theory, but in practice it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The focus is first to get it right on our current ones forward, and then we may make the decision to go back at some point.

View the full post here.



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