Why Shangri-La is Still the Best Map to Date

Yesterday, I posted why I think Shangri-La is the best zombies map to date. But it wasn’t finished due to the length – more than 2000 words (OMG). So let’s see why else I think Shangri-La is the best zombies map to date. Punji Stake explanation below.

Other news will be on the next post.

I think Shangri-La is the best zombies map to date because of the new easter eggs, new weapons, new perk system, new zombie types… basically, I think that Treyarch has thought about making this map very seriously and they should be congratulated.

That’s what I said in yesterday’s post, which was part 1. This is part 2.

New perk system?

No, I mean how Perk-a-Cola machines are placed. There used to be four: Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola and Double Tap Root Beer. The limit is four perks, but since one perk has been added in Ascension, PHD Flopper and Stamin-Up, the maximum number of perk-a-cola machines have raised to six. Then the new perk in Call of the Dead, Deadshot Daiquiri. All seven perks are featured in Shangri-La, unlike the normal four in the original maps. But normally, four is the limit of perks you can have.

So after that perk list, I meant that the perks are randomly spawned, in different places. They can be separated into to groups, above ground perks and underground perks.

Above Ground perks – perks that always spawn at random places above the ground level

  • Juggernog
  • Speed Cola

Underground perks – perks that always spawn at random places under the ground level

  • Stamin-Up
  • PHD Flopper
  • Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Double Tap Root Beer
  • Quick Revive – always spawns in the first area / room

New zombie types?

Shangri-La also featured new zombie types, exactly two: the Napalm Zombie and the Shrieker Zombie.

All Hail Napalm! >

A napalm zombie, as you can see is a new variant of the zombie, taking the appearance of a humanoid, but looks like it’s burning. Aah! Nothing to be afraid of, noobs.

Napalm zombies have higher damage resistance, so you have to put more bullets into that bullet sponge. Maybe something to be scared of.

Napalm zombies have a violent death, actually exploding into ashes leaving a small patch of napalm harming anything that comes in its way! Including zombies and Nikolai, Takeo, Dempsey and Richtofen. It’s just a piece of fire.

When a player is near this zombie, it may harm you, like a zombie normally would, but the screen’s edges would turn orange, like when walking through a fire trap. Something to be scared for?

Achievements You actually get an achievement / trophy with the napalm zombie: Zomb Disposal – In “Shangri-La”, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players.

^ Read the full article here.

< The Shrieker says Yo.

The shrieker zombie is a new variant to the zombie with a blue glow to their appearance and blind the players by, uh, shrieking at them.

These zombs appear in normal rounds, along with normal zombies and emerge from the ground like the zombs in Call of the Dead. They also sprint at the speed of the Pentagon Thief from “FIVE” and the Sprinting Zombies from Verrückt and Call of you’re Dead.

The origin of the shrieker and napalm zombie remains unkown and why they are different to normal zombies, except for Treyarch, who knows it!

Achievements The Shrieker also comes with an achievement / trophy: Blinded by the Fright – In “Shangri-La”, kill a Shrieker zombie while blinded by it.

^ Read the full article here.


Of course there are radios in this map! Radios like in Kino but only have to be pressed by the action key to be activated! More details:

  • Radio 1 can be found near the MPL.
  • Radio 2 appears after the Focusing Stone easter egg’s Step 5 is completed, by the cliffside trail hidden by the waterfall.
  • Radio 3 after step 7, under the waterfall in the water-filled area.
  • Radio 4 after step 8, on a crate next to the mine cart.
  • Radio 5 after step 9, also on a crate next to the mine cart.
  • Radio 6 after step 10, sitting on the base of the pyramid, where the Pack-a-Punch machine is on top of.

^ You can see the full article, with the speech here.

Punji Stakes

In Part one, I mentioned the Punji Stakes being explained, so I included that.

Punji Stakes are just one of the new utilities in Shangri-La that are used to hurt. Zombs and you, like the Fire Trap and the Electric Trap.

They hide under the debris that keeps the player in the spawn room. It is activated once the debris is cleared. They are pressure-activated, like the Flinger.

There are two Punji Stakes featured in Shangri-La both from the starting room first you need to clear the Debris they are not required for the power to be turned on. Their job is to block Zombies away from the player giving them a quick break but if slow it will trap the player allowing Zombies to trap the player, but overall if used correctly it can be a great edge over the Zombies. It works very well when a Napalm Zombie spawns, as the Stakes will trap him giving the player enough time to go a far distance then kill him.

That’s what they are, according to The Call of Duty Wiki.

All information was from The Call of Duty Wiki, just search a keyword to find relevant information.

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