MW3 Closed Beta

You’ve heard right, there’s an MW3 closed beta (a.k.a. Private Beta)! Also, current MW3 pre-order stats; MW3 tourney to debut in Melbourne, Australia and new MW3 wallpapers!

MW3 Closed Beta

If you have Xbox LIVE, then watch out, your friends might already be playing MW3’s beta version! TwitPic user AKV47ARMY posted two images saying that one of the friends were playing the MW3 Closed Beta, they’re below and click them for full resolution. [Since this wasn’t confirmed by the developers, it’s still a rumour.]

Of course, this is just a rumoured beta and you can play the actual game in Call of Duty XP.

^ View the full post here.

Current MW3 Pre-Order Stats

Good idea. Must see. The link led me to an image showing a line graph of the current MW3 sales on the Xbox 360, and they’re not disappointing. I’ll give you a clue – they beat Black Ops. By 200 000 sales.

Aah, Activision’s loving this money.

New MW3 Backgrounds
Unfortunately, when I got there, I needed to be registered – I didn’t want to.

Don’t worry!  I recovered one of the images, at least, I think there was only one. In order to receive this from Amazon, you have to pre-order it.

You can click it for the full-sized image, 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p).

MW3 MP Tourney to Debut Next Week

So I checked it out. It said:

The initial qualifier of the Call of Duty XP tournament to be announced sees Australians having first crack at what’s almost certainly to be one of the biggest eSports events of the year.

Level 3 reports the qualifier will be held at the Monash Computer Games Boot Camp on July 13.

Restricted to ages 18+, the tournament will be the world debut of Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer in a competition setting.

The highest placed team of four will win an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles in September to take part in the Call of Duty XP tournament.

They continue on with saying more info later, so I’ll check that out. Later.

^You can view their full post here.

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