The Newbies

More news from the newbies: Call of Duty MW3, Call of Duty XP and Call of Duty Elite. And Call of Duty Black Ops.

Theatre… in MW3

Yes, the popular feature from Black Ops to help you upload videos to YourTube. Probably there are new features. More info on the video later.

Elite Features

In the following video, you will also see some new features to Elite, before the beta invites / requests / registers even released at It was from the Pre-Beta Survey, which I actually didn’t receive.

Did you like it? It was from this post, which I got via COD Battles Daily Chronicle. Good site to check out for more news.

DOA – Shangri-La Link?

Is Dead Ops Arcade and Shangri-La linked? this a pretty interesting topic. That’s why I clicked on that link.

‘That link’ led me to a forum topic, about… you know. The ‘link’. This link is believed to be from the shrine in Shangri-La featuring the Cosmic Silverback from Dead Ops Arcade.

Something I noticed on day one, but haven’t gotten around to sharing until now deals with the timer for pack-a-punch.

If you look closely at the timer you see a skull. It looks like a Cosmic Silverback skull to me. If you don’t know the Cosmic Silverback is the boss zombie on Dead Ops Arcade. His main level where you fight him off is jungle themed and looks very similar to Shangri-La.




You could’ve clicked on the images to view them full size!

carbonfibah (topic author) did have a good point. What do you think?

FAQ Special II

Nearly all your Call of Duty XP questions are answered here on the official FAQ page, don’t worry. I’ll have it here below.

# Question Answer
12 Is CoD XP open to attendees outside the US / Canada? Of course. There will be online ticket sales.
13 What should I do to arrange hotel accommodations and transportation? Packages will be announced shortly.
14 What are event hours? Full events time and a schedule will be released on July 12. Can’t wait!
15 When do tickets go on sale? Tickets will go on sale July 19th. Sign up at to be the first to know.
16 When and where do I pick up my badge? Instructions will be available after ticket purchase.
17 Will XP feature live music and other entertainment? Absolutely. Stay tuned for more.
18 Which platforms will be available at XP? Xbox 360 is the exclusive console partner of XP.
19 Will merchandise be on sale at the event? Absolutely. They are currently crafting exclusive merchandise for the CoD community.
20 Are you really, seriously, recreating an MW2 map for paintball? Yes. Yes they are.
21 Do I need to bring gear? No. All equipment will be provided there, with no extra cost.
22 How will I know when to check back for info? They plan to have weekly updates to this very website. You can also submit your email address here to get more information as it’s available.

Click here for the full FAQ.

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