Happy 103rd Post!

It Actually Is the 103rd Post!

Normally something of 103 isn’t celebrated, but because I forgot that I made a 100th post when I made the 100th post, I just celebrated this, instead. No harm in doing that.

SPECIAL Call of Duty Experience FAQ

Since I didn’t really do a lot on the CoD XP FAQ yesterday due to the length of the post, I decided to do it today. There were a hefty 22 questions on the page, so I’m just summarising. Part 2 will appear tomorrow.

# Frequently Asked Question Answer
1 What is Call of Duty XP? Call of Duty XP is the ultimate event for fans of all levels. This event will be in a secure compound in the urban area of Los Angeles on Labour Day where over 6 000 fans will be able to witness the epic reveal of MW3 multiplayer. Attendees will be the first to play the game’s Multiplayer and Spec Ops for the first time, two months early. Also on display are the full features of Call of Duty Elite, premium or free built especially to ‘integrate into MW3‘. Supporting these are multiple brought-to-life maps and experiences from games along with the million-dollar tournament by Activision and the lead sponsor of the publisher, Microsoft’s Xbox 360.
2 Exactly when and where is Call of Duty XP? This event will take place on September 2 – 3 and will be held on the Los Angeles area. More info will be announced later.
3 How much are tickets? All tickets are $150, and 100% of the money gained go to Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organisation to help war veterans find jobs.
4 What do I get for one ticket? Every ticket is an all-inclusive pass for the whole two days and you can do anything you want as long as you have one.
5 How do I participate in the million-dollar tournament? The million-dollar tournament in Call of Duty XP will be a 32-team, single elimination competition with four players per team. Fans will have a chance to qualify for this by showing off their skills in Black Ops multiplayer. There will also be more ways to qualify at the event itself. All matches will be on the Xbox 360. Further details will roll out on July, so start training!
6 After the million-dollar tournament, will I have other possibilities to compete? Of course! Attendees of all levels may compete in a variety of Free-For-All, Zombies, Spec Ops and team-based multiplayer games. There is no additional cost in competing, play as much as you want!
7 If I don’t attend, can I see the action online? The event is for all Call of Duty fans, not only the lucky ones who are able to attend the event. It can be seen through Xbox Live, the Call of Duty YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter or other broadcast avenues. There will be multiple ways to take part in this event, wherever you are. Enter your email here to get the latest information as it becomes available.
8 Are one-day tickets also available? There is only one type of ticket, the all-inclusive ticket. It is for both days and all experiences. You won’t want to miss any.
9 Is there an age limit for attendees? All attendees must be 18 or over.
10 Can I bring my video camera / camcorder to the event? Yes, but filming may be prohibited in some areas. (Similar on the Black Ops MP reveal.)
11 Can I bring my computer / laptop / console? Straight-out no. Computers, laptops, consoles and electronic storage devices are prohibited.

Be sure to stay tuned to theCoDdaily to find out the other half of the FAQ, in gamer terms and as theCoDdaily will keep you up-to-date with Call of Duty XP, Call of Duty Elite, Call of Duty MW3 and Call of Duty Black Ops.



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