The Call of Duty Experience

While I was ‘away’, many things happened. The new Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Content Pack as it is officially known was released for the Xbox 360 on the 28th, the new Black Ops patch 1.10  was released recently on the PS3, there was a Grudge Match at Treyarch Studios between two NBA stars, Activision announced an ‘epic event’ to happen on September 2 & 3 called Call of Duty Experience, a.k.a. Call of Duty XP for all you guys who don’t want to type long words in. More info on that later.

Go, Annihhilate!

The next-awaited Black Ops ‘thing’ is Annihilation since it was revealed, it got released on the Xbox 360 on June 28 (2011) and now, we’re waiting for the announcement of when they will come out on other platforms. To buy on

To download on Xbox 360®:

  1. Sign in to Xbox LIVE®.
  2. Go to Game Marketplace.
  3. Select All Games -> Browse
  4. Select C
  5. Select Call Of Duty: Black Ops
  6. Select Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack
  7. Select Confirm Download or Redeem Code to add it to your active downloads.
  8. The maps are downloaded to your console as soon as the console is online and not connecting to Xbox LIVE® for an online game.

To purchase Annihilation on click here:

Buy Now on

Just another brush-up on the facts of Annihilation, the maps are:

  • Hangar 18 Located in the highly classified military base of Area 51 where you will fight through experimental weapons labs, the SR-71 test hangar, and a mysterious autopsy room.
  • Drive-In Close quarters combat through a 60’s American Drive-In theater, whose last showing was Attack of the…, complete with a snack shack and a classic arcade.
  • Silo Infiltrate a massive secret Soviet nuclear missile site under construction in this multilevel battleground.
  • Hazard play through this coastal golf course fit for a Dictator, on the cliff sides of Cuba, where stocked clubhouses and manicured fairways meet snipers hidden in sand traps.
  • Shangri-La Zombies are back in Annihilation, as players unearth the mysteries of Shangri-La, a legendary shrine lost in an exotic jungle, where new undead species lurk within a treacherous labyrinth of underground caverns. Navigate through deadly traps and solve the dark secrets buried within the shifting walls of this zombie infested temple.

Treyarch has released new high quality screenshots of the Annihilation maps, click on the links to view them:

The Grudge Match

Treyarch has brought in two NBA stars on the release of Annihilation, Jason Terry and Rudy Gay, nothing has been said who won since it happened, the 28th, you can view the CoD HQ post here.


Patch 1.10 has been released for the PS3 version of Black Ops, and these are the current updates:

  • Security Updates.
  • New playlists – Flags and Bombs
  • C4 can no longer be warped to player carrying bomb in S&D and Sabotage.
  • Removed erroneous “Reset to Default” message when trying to load a DLC map you do not have.
  • In-game icons (care package icons, etc) no longer appear in the Create A Class menu.
  • Setting your console date in the future no longer causes inaccurate timestamps in Recent Players
  • Additional weapon balancing.
  • Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone.

There really aren’t a lot of fixes than to the Xbox patch, like the PC update.

CNN Calls MW2 ‘Ninth Most Violent Video Game’

CNN recently labeled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the ninth most violent video game to date, probably because of the mission No Russian. If you forgot what that mission was, it was Makarov’s terrorism plot on the Moscow airport which invovles you shooting innocent civilians… Read More

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

The level of violence in the massively popular “Call of Duty” title is probably what any experienced gamer would expect from a combat title.

But it was the nature of that violence that turned heads. Set in the “near future,” the shooter puts the player in firefights in Afghanistan and, at least once, lets them join forces with terrorists. One scene puts the player in the position of deciding whether to join in as an ally guns down innocent civilians in an airport.

In fairness, that mission, called “No Russian,” is optional and players are warned of “disturbing content” beforehand. But plenty of mainstream-media critics condemned it, particularly with its release coming around the time of the November 5, 2009, shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, that killed 13 people.

In Japan and Germany, the game was altered to end if a player killed civilians.

You can view the full CNN post here.

The Call of Duty Experience

Call of Duty Experience has been recently announced by Activision, more of very recently as today. CoD XP is this special event that is to be held on September 2 – 3. This will include lots of special Call of Duty events called ‘experiences’ inside this event, they are:

  • The epic opening ceremony featuring a the Call of Duty: MW3 multiplayer reveal, probably including the new killstreak and unlock system. If you’re there, you can play the actual Call of Duty: MW3 game, two months ahead.
  • The Million-Dollar Call of Duty Operation to win virtually $1 million in prizes and real cash. It will feature a tournament with 32 teams, 4 people per team in Black Ops MP. Additional details to apply on CoD XP site later.
  • Compete for prizes, and mostly, fun! You will compete for prizes in a variety of Free-For-Fall, Zombies, Spec Ops and MP games on teams. Who will win?
  • The Pit from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, life-sized. Run and shoot in your best time to win prizes and ‘bragging rights’.
  • Scrapyard, Afghanistan. Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer map is brought to life as you play in a paintball battle. Epic.
  • Grap up burgers and fries at Burger Town. It’s time to eat like a soldier, well, sort of.
  • You’ve seen them in-game. Now, it’s first hand. The immortal armoury of Call of Duty on display, for real.

Stay tuned, more is to be announced. There is also a FAQ page for CoD XP which includes, of course, frequently asked questions.

I’ll give you one thing – the ticket cost is $150. All the money gained will go towards Call of Duty: Endowment, a non-profit charity service to help war veterans to get jobs.

Machinima has recently interviewed Eric Hirshberg from Activision about CoD XP:

Watch this on YouTube.

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