We’re Still Waiting…

New Background

I thought you wanted this. Click the image to the right for the full resolution. It’s actually pretty interesting.

Actually Still Waiting

Annihilation hasn’t been released yet, but don’t get worried. Escalation wasn’t released on midnight of the release date, no. Let’s see what JD has to say:

Of course, we remain hopeful as we know that there will be an Escalation coming forth. Just wait on Xbox Live.

No release date has been announced for Annihilation’s release on other platforms such as the PC and PS3. Was there even any DLCs released for the Wii? Just wondering.

No Superior Platform

To inform you, Robert Bowling said that there will be no ‘superior’ platform for MW3, unlike Black Ops. What he probably means is there won’ be any Xbox-only features, like Black Ops’ Xbox MP-only features. Remember the two player MP on a single console? That’s what I mean. On the Xbox, you can sign in two different XBL accounts and gain XP separately. That feature isn’t on the PS3 or the PC.

NBA Stars Go On Black Ops Grudge Match

Two NBA stars, Jason Terry and Rudy Gay are to have a grudge match on Annihilation once it releases on Xbox Live Marketplace, which is within the LA morning hours. This will be held inside the Treyarch Studios, as it was planned. By them.

Don’t worry! There’ll be press coverage. Probably on the news. Who knows?

For the CoD: Intel post click here.

New ShangRi-La Screenshots

Treyarch has released new screenshots of its latest Zombie map, ShangRi-La, the paradise on land, because of the new footage. The ‘In the Jungle’ trailer, Inside Xbox, so they released high quality images. Do you want to see them? (Full res: 1200 x 675)

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What could it mean?

New Video

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