One Topic, Multiple Subtopics

Modern Sales 3

No breaking news, really, just some other facts. Let’s start with a video about the financial status of Modern Warfare 3. Humorously.

So the game is sounding good. For now.

Lag Blames

Recently, Virgin Media has blamed Activision for guess what – lag! We all experience lag once in a while online, especially with these conditions:

  • slow internet connection
  • playing with others outside or far away from the country you’re in

This problem hasn’t been fully fixed, but only partially. If you compare MW2’s lag to Black Ops’ lag, MW2’s is more severe.

While I’ve compared lag to my gameplay concluding Black Ops as not so severe with lag, Virgin Media has complained with Black Ops.

We’re aware some of our customers are experiencing issues whilst playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on Xbox Live. Xbox Live traffic isn’t managed by our systems so we’ve taken a close look at our service to see if there are any other problems, such as traffic routing, that could be contributing to these issues.

Our investigation hasn’t found any issues with our service so we have been attempting to contact the developers to try to understand further why customers are having problems.

A Virgin Media spokesman told The Register. But Virgin Media’s customers don’t agree with this, labeling the telco the ‘worst gaming ISP’.

A typical complaint is,

I’ve just had to quit multiplayer, lagging way too much and keep getting rubbish scores because I’m dead before I even see it on screen! SORT IT OUT!!!

That seems well… the lag was very bad. Virgin Media have been trying to contact Activision Blizzard Inc. a.k.a. Call of Duty’s publishers, but they’ve never had any feedback fed back. To back up these complaints, they’ve posted this video:

But against Virgin, playing the game online on other internet providers seemed to be… normal. No lag.

For more info on this, go to this webpage.

SHG’s own Call of Duty?

Activision’s Eric Hirshberg confirmed that Sledgehammer Games was once working on a Call of Duty-inspired action-adventure game.

Right now Sledgehammer’s 100% focused on Modern Warfare 3. We haven’t announced the future slate or future plans for the studio. They were originally working on an extension of the Call of Duty franchise into an action/adventure genre and that’s a game I still want to play. That’s a supreme, incredible group doing that. All I can say is right now they’re 100% focused on Modern Warfare 3.

Confirmed. It’s confirmed, but no one will ever get to play it. Unless if it’s continued.

View the post here.

The Real Limit

After I reported about the new limited edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops with a First Strike redemption code only for the Xbox 360, it has been confirmed to be also for the PS3.

This limited edition will launch tomorrow (Yay!) alongside the new Annihilation Map Pack with the new zombies map ShangRi-La, exclusively for the Xbox 360. Personally, Robert Bowling liked DLC releases when World at War was released, no exclusivity.

Just a reminder that Modern Warfare 3 will have DLC releases exclusive to the Xbox.

The source? Here.

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