The Black Operations Annihilates

Youe got patch’d!

Lots of current news about ShangRi-La, the latest zombie map to come out in Annihilation within three days on Xbox Live. Also, the recent patch released on the Xbox for many issues and glitches, but most famously the Famas nerf. This is actually disappointing to the Famas users but:

It is a good point. You can still use the Famas. Here are the other updates to Black Ops within Patch 1.10 including the new playlist.

  • Security Updates.
  • New playlists – Flags and Bombs
  • C4 can no longer be warped to player carrying bomb in S&D and Sabotage.
  • Removed erroneous “Reset to Default” message when trying to load a DLC map you do not have.
  • In-game icons (care package icons, etc) no longer appear in the Create A Class menu.
  • Support for Annihilation map pack, available June 28th on Xbox LIVE!
  • Fix for a rare crash related to weapons.
  • Game no longer crashes when Xbox LIVE servers are down.
  • Additional weapon balancing (Famas nerfed).
  • Ninja Pro Perk no longer makes sounds when mantling or diving to prone.

Treyarch multipayer design director David Vonderhaar confirmed that the new playlists are in the hardcore section, so here are the facts:

Hardcore Flags

  • Includes flag-based game modes like:
  • Capture the Flag
  • Domination
  • And other…

Hardcore Bombs

  • Of course, includes bomb-based game modes like:
  • Search and Destroy
  • Demolition
  • Sabotage
  • And other…

It sounds really interesting. Most of those game modes don’t have hardcore versions, so be aware of the rules. Only one is in there: no Second Chance! Second Chance has been a nuisance to most players: reviving, getting killed by someone you just ‘killed’. So this playlist might have a thumbs up.

Black Ops with FREE First Strike

For the minority of the people who still don’t have Black Ops, Activision wants you to get it before MW3 this November!

How are they going to do this, you may ask. Well, they’re doing this by giving a way free First Strike codes when you buy this Black Ops edition. Unfortunately, if you really wanted to get it on a PC or a PS3 or Wii, you’re unlucky. I mean we are. Because the free code is only for the Xbox 360 / Xbox Live Marketplace.

This limited edition will be available for purchase on the release of Annihilation itself, June 28. You can pre-order it now on Gamestop or Best Buy.

ShangRi-La Intel: Leaked!

Some ShangRi-La information has been leaked within the recent patch in plain sight! Because it now supports the new Annihilation map pack, it also has achievements to achieve on the Xbox. Since the patch was Xbox-only, it only had it on there.

  • Time Travel Will Tell (75G) – In Shangri-La, acquire the focusing stone.
  • Blinded By the Fright (30G) – In Shangri-La, kill a Shrieker zombie while blinded by it.
  • Zomb Disposal (30G) – In Shangri-La, dispose of a Napalm zombie without it harming any players.
  • Monkey See, Monkey Don’t (5G) – In Shangri-La, get something from the monkeys.
  • Small Consolation (10G) – In Shangri-La, use the 31-79 JGb215 on each type of zombie.

That clearly has a lot of info on the new map, like time travel’s ‘focusing stone’, a ‘Shrieker zombie‘, the ‘Napalm zombie‘ which might be a zombie from the picture above, the zombified monkeys which have the power-ups hovering above them which you can get, and the new weapon the 31-79 JGb215 which is a weird-sounding one. Probably from the makers of the Ray Gun.

And if you thought Treyarch is shamed of this leak, they’re not! It was intentional. They even made a post of it on their Intel page.

There may be another clue. In their post, they said…

If we can’t contain the horde here, there’s no telling what will happen next.

Is that a clue that the zombies series is drawing to an end?

More of the Paradise on Land…

Paradise on Land is the true meaning of ShangRi-La, just thought I’d put that in.

Treyarch has recently released more Annihilation videos, this time specialising on ShangRi-La.

Interesting, aren’t they?

Here we come to the time where we go to Twitter for more.


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