Elite, Double XP, MW3…

I have gathered some information on the current ‘hot headlines:

  • Call of Duty: Elite
  • The Double XP Weekend on 1 July
  • Call of Duty: MW3

Should we get started?


@OneOfSwords According to Dan Amrich, OneOfSwords, there will be a new double XP weekend (we know that) to celebrate the new map pack, Annihilation’s release on Xbox Live. That’s all we got from Treyarch before, but Amrich also said that it will be on all platforms! That’s great. Can’t wait for that. The source is in the link before.

More on Amrich, he gave up more info on Call of Duty Elite, saying you can link Facebook friends with Elite friends if wanted.

Next to BlackOps_Tips who tweeted a link to a Black Ops playercard and emblem generator. I’ve tried it out before and it’s really cool. Check it out:

To OneOfSwords once more with Elite, now saying that if you’ve already played Black Ops, there are already stats waiting for you in Elite.

Now, with a mention on @theCoDdaily, cheesebraden13, saying that a good MW3 character would be…


Due to the lack of news, I went to CoDBattles Daily Chronicle, which gave me a link to a website, which had the Killstreaks info from the Kotaku leak. I have posted this before and this is like a reminder.

Current Killstreaks

  • EMP Grenade – all electronics within the area are down for some time.
  • Littlebird – small user-controlled helicopter.
  • Remote Turrett – probably a Sentry Gun?
  • Mortar Team
  • Airdrop Trap – boobytrapped airdrop.
  • Ammo ressuply.
  • Specialist Strike Package.
  • UAV
  • Counter UAV
  • Reaper 2 – Predator Drone from MW2.
  • Precision Airstrike.
  • Stealth Bomber
  • Chopper Gunner
  • AC130
Gone Killstreaks from MW2
  • Emergency Airdrop
  • Pavelow
  • EMP
  • Tactical Nuke

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