Annihilation of the Secrets

Today is the day, that I break down the secrets of the Annihilation (Black Ops DLC 3) trailer. I have discovered some breakthroughs in this process, making it very interesting.

Since there is no other news than the Famas being tweaked in the next Black Ops update whoops. Shouldn’t have said that. Well, it is and it is sad for some of the Famas users as it will decrease the fire power, making you to change to a new big, bad gun.!/DavidVonderhaar/status/81990776443244544


And now to the interesting map pack, Annihilation. There were many secrets in the trailer itself, so I did a little digging.

First, I found these high quality screenshots from BO24/7 from the CoD HQ, which didn’t really give much:

And now, to the breakdown. I did find someting interesting, there were zombified monkeys with power-ups (nuke, double points, carpenter) hovering over them. Normally these power-ups shone green, but one monkey had a red shining power-up that seemed to change from one power-up to another. More info on the slideshow and gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS. You can click on the mages to view full size, right-click it then select ‘Save Image As’ to save it.

That’s it for today, were you puzzled at what that zombie monkey and the zombie from hell were supposed to do?

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