Annihilate the Enemy

If you were wondering, the image to the left is just my version of it.

Annihilation is here! this is the third map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, the latest Call of Duty game released.

Before I go into any detail of this map pack, I should tell you how it was ‘discovered’. It began when @iamreloading (I’m not since I don’t have my CoD gun) tweeted a picture, showing a poster by Gamestop of the new DLC:

It was first thought to be called Retaliation:

Then, renamed Annihilation, which seemed to be right:

Of course, Annihilation seemed right since that guy had evidence of it and Retaliation just didn’t sound right. It was obviously a guess.

You can view their full post here. And if you’re wondering, I’m not saying this story in pictures.

The maps? You’ve wasted lots of space already!

If you couldn’t see the image above, here are all the maps inside:

  • Invade Hangar 18
  • Attack at the Drive-In
  • Infiltrate the Silo
  • Escape the Hazard
  • Obliterate the Zombies

First, the zombies map is not likely to be named just… Zombies. That’s pretty… boring. I’d suggest Untote Dschungel, German for Undead Jungle.

Second, Hangar 18 may be related to the hangar in Area 51 itself, probably involving the Roswell UFO incident.

Third, Silo was discovered before in the game’s coding, and there was also another map called Area 51. That map Area 51, in the coding, may be the map Hangar 18 renamed.

However, the Black Ops Blog found a video about the map pack, with another view of the poster:

MW3 Voice Actors?

Modern Warfare 24/7 have picked up some nice intel on the cast of Modern Warfare 3, the voice actors.

IMDb, the Internet Movie Database has made their own page on Modern Warfare 3, featuring the voice actors of the game. Here are the actors:

Tobey Maguire Grinch
Christopher Meloni Sandman
Corey Stoll Derek ‘Frost’ Westbrook
Christian Coulson Marcus Burns
Roman Varshavsky Vladimir Makarov (voice)
Troy Baker Grunt
Jeffrey Pierce Sandman


I have recorded some conversations between Bowling and other Tweeters about info concerning Modern Warfare 3, and here they are. I probably didn’t record the tweets he replied to.









My work here is done. Of course, you can click on any of those links. 😀

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