Breaking Down The Facts

It’s Wednesday. It’s time. Remember yesterday when Glen Schofield Sledgehammer Games, Robert Bowling Infinity Ward and Eric Hirshberg Activision were guests in Jimmy Fallon’s show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and played a live gameplay demo with Jimmy Fallon on Dome, Survival Spec Ops?

Confirmation that it was, really, Dome:

I went through the NBC website, to the Jimmy… I found this high quality video of it on the NBC site, and I did a breakdown of it.

Weapons Spotted

  • Your starting pistol.
  • Model 1887 MW3 variant.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know this post has been cut short (long story), I apologise. Don’t worry. @fourzerotwo (Bowling) answers Twitter questions tomorrow, special. And I will have the download link for all the images tomorrow. I promise. 😀

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