(Survival) Previews, Previews and More Previews!

There have been many previews of the well-awaited Survival mode of Modern Warfare 3. I just want to clarify to you the features of Survival.

  • It will feature virtual U$ Dollars.
  • You will get $100/kill, as of the Jimmy Fallon preview.
  • There will be endless waves of enemies.
  • You will start of… whoa, whoa. More details on the Jimmy Fallon later.
  • Two players max, since Spec Ops was introduced originally with two players max.
  • Spec Ops / Survival will have it’s own progressive ranking system.
  • You can pick up weapons dropped by enemies in Survival.
  • This is getting too long.

I found an MW3 preview made by Inside Xbox, I haven’t personally seen it, but I’m pretty sure it’s good.

Well, @fourzerotwo and co. have announced that they will show a preview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC…

And I found a good-enough quality video on YouTube (which I can embed here) below, but you can of course see the official NBC video here.

There will be a breakdown of that tommorow. 😀

Gameplay Breakdown

G-g-g-gameplay breakdown. You might’ve remembered the MSNBC video (see yesterday’s post via date on sidebar calendar), which featured the first-ever gameplay of Survival, thanks to MSNBC’s In Game, featuring… Todd Kenreck (I actually had to check it again).

There are only a few weapons spotted, and there were features seen as well.

Click me for full resolution!

  • MP5
  • Model 1887
  • Your starting pistol
  • ACR / SCAR? >
  • Sentry Gun(s)

Image Slideshow!

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