Survival Preview

Save CoD4!

First, the people who still play CoD4 after 3-4 years of its release have made a request to Infinity Ward to continue supporting it. Why? Maybe because this, as Bowling said, is how MW3 is built. Instead of Modern Warfare 2 > Black Ops > Modern Warfare 3, it’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare > Modern Warfare 3.!/theCoDdaily/status/80101941643968512

You can help this movement of patching CoD4 by retweeting that and following @SaveCoD4.

Survival Preview

And it is right. It does look more like CoD4 than MW2 on the HUD from the following images.

First, the source. Modern Warfare 24/7 received a message (probably) from someone who also sent them the secret previews of the upcoming CoD HQ MW3 pages and sent them screenshots from the game itself. The map looks like Dome, well, people think it is, and from the surroundings of the map, it looks like what appeared on the Elite trailer. I knew it!

Here are the images. I have an announcement! Video breakdown tomorrow!

I can just make out one word from the text in the middle, probably “Hostiles”?
This is a better image. You are probably using an ACR (Camo: Woodland?), you called in Delta Squad from the Air Support store, there are two Pave Lows around from the mini-map, you are on Wave 8 1:07.8, you have really low ammo with only two flashbangs and a frag, there are pointers to show equipment store, weapon store and air support store.
Everything similar just at a different view.
Your weapon: SCAR with Red Dot. 2 Sentry guns. Weapon, air support & equipment store. Friendly: “MW3 Price”.
Same as above, just aiming down the sight.
ACR, Bloody Screen, $1601 (now I understand Joystiq).
MP5. Low ammo. 2 Flash. 1 Frag. Challenge meters: $500 each. Wave 6, 0:48.5. 1 Heli.
MP5K? It has the ‘K’ at the end, probably a new version? Wave 6 cleared, 1 kill, time 1:01.5, $3044. Pavelow in ruins, Delta squad near, normal HUD elements.

You know you can click the images to enlarge, right?

Time for… you guessed it! Twitter.

Hang on, hang on. Modern Warfare 3 for the Wii? A Wii! for the Wii gamers? Let’s check that out.

So what do you think? Truth or hoax? Vote below. Twitter is a good source for Modern Warfare 3 information.
Hey! That’s official news!

Can’t wait for that.

Did you read @CODBattles_com‘s tweet? That was interesting. I did go on that site.

This site is interesting. This is the info of MW3 confirmed by them, most recent (top). My comments are in italic. These are not the actual words used. Of course, you can click the heading to view the whole thread.

  • Multiplayer No Second Chance a.k.a. Last Stand.
  • Multiplayer Re-vamped killstreaks. Stacking disabled. Probably when you press right, it opens up a menu and you select which killstreaks you want to use, instead of the most recent.
  • Multiplayer MW3 has a unique new way to unlock attachments, unlike MW2’s challenge system and Black Ops’s CP system.
  • Multiplayer Quickscoping is back in MW3.
  • Multiplayer maps will fit competitive gameplay.
  • General No support for full control remapping.
  • General No dolphin-diving, a.k.a. dive-to-prone.
  • Spec Ops Every single MP map will feature in Survival, including maps in map packs.
  • Multiplayer DLCs will be first on Xbox 360 again, unfortunately.
  • Multiplayer Grenade Launchers a.k.a. Noob Tubes are in the game, just more balanced.
  • Spec Ops You can buy a Riot Shield squad and Air Support with enough money.
  • Spec Ops You can buy and upgrade guns.
  • Spec Ops You can call in Delta Squad, who will shoot enemies via helicopter.
  • Multiplayer Not every weapon from the campaign is in multiplayer.
  • Elite is not an advantage for you, just stat-checking, so no extra weapons and other stuff.
  • Multiplayer The MP5 from CoD4 is back, just visually updated.
  • Spec Ops A map in ‘the Ops’ is Dome, a derelict Cold War-era desert radar command bunker.
  • Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system.
  • Spec Ops will re-introduce Juggernauts from MW2’s spec ops.
  • Spec Ops is divided into two, Mission and Survival mode. In one of my posts, I recognised mission mode was renamed to Civilian Rescue mode.
  • General Every single aspect of MW3 is being co-developed by IW & Sledgehammer.
  • General There won’t be a lead platform.
  • Multiplayer is 100% free to play.
  • Elite will be deeply integrated into Modern Warfare 3.
  • Multiplayer No Commando, One Man Army and Stopping Power perks. Less noobs!
  • Multiplayer No Ghost a.k.a. Cold Blodded from MW2 perk.
  • Multiplayer No nukes.
  • Multiplayer No group or team perks. Probably one thing Kotaku was wrong about.
  • General The release of MW3 is November 8, 2011. Breaking news back then.

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