Survival and Q&A

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Survive the… survive what?

As we all know, the upcoming Survival mode is the latest “add-on” to the Modern Warfare series. It’s modern, modern warfare! More of future warfare since MW3 is set in 2016 / 17, according to what I know of MW2. And thanks to Joystiq, we can know more about this mode.

Survival mode, which I always mistype as surival mode, is the latest Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare. You can still play what I call ‘classic’ Spec Ops, which involves the normal missions like in MW2, now called Civilian Rescue from the previous post.

Joystiq played a demo of this survival mode, on the map ‘Dome,’ which is very much talked about. Seriously, it is. Okay, so here are the matchmaking facts:

  • You can play solo.
  • You can play with someone via:
  • Split Screen
  • Local

Wait, wait, what happened to the matchmaking? Well, maybe they didn’t show it to Joystiq because they want to keep it a secret.

Look what I got! theCoDdaily Background! Click to download.

The basic goal of this mode is to survive as long as seriously possible. You do earn in-game money, like zombies, actual virtual dollars (US dollars?), but not CoD points. These virtual dollars can be spent at special in-game stores, um, realistic? After the first match, they say, and probably mean wave, the gun store opens and a few waves later, the equipment store appears out of thin air, then later, the air support store.

Money earned in-game (from kills, revives, and other actions) can be spent in these stores, of course. Some weapons in the gun store can be upgraded with sights and other attachments. There’s also an option to refill ammo. The equipment store, however, is filled with normal equipment; frags, C4 and tripmines? Wait, does he mean claymores?

The air support store, he says, is the most interesting. The game is already interesting! For a serious amount of money, you can get things like normal air support. What you’d see in one. And then there’s the Delta Squad reward. If purchased, a group of AI soldiers drop from a heli, being your new best friends! And shooting with you as long as they live, which is unspecified.

Some purchases require your current progression, as he was told, Spec Ops has its own XP and progression, 100% different from MP’s version. While the balance and rewards hasn’t been completed, the highest level rewards was the Riot Shield squad. You know how bad they are.

You might need everything in the stores, since the waves get harder and harder. They start off with simple shotguns, which you can grab from the ground from your starting weapon – the pistol. Guard dogs come in, two assault helicopters then, C4 soldiers after, and then the mighty, bad-ass juggernaut comes in. That’s where their game ended.

Doing well in games gives you more money and survival has two challenge meters to fill. You can of course, we know from USA Today’s test, share the dollars with your buddy, and you can revive them by pressing Ⓨ on your Xbox and △ on your PS3.

There were difficulty levels for the noobs and hardcore gamers, and there was an armour value at the bottom starting at 100 and fell as someone got shot. It was unclear whether it was for the whole thing or just this mode since the Activision rep made no comment.

You can see the full post here!

fourzerotwo’s Q&A

@fourzerotwo hosted a Q&A recently on Reddit, having a staggering 1438 replies! So I did the first page of the best replies. And I decided not to include the long ones.

Ckrawl Will Modern Warfare 3 have dedicated servers?

Bowling currently wants dedicated servers, but the developers are still thinking on how it can be supported. Bowling is unable to confirm it or not, but the discussion of IWnet was a simple one, to make the game more PC accessible. It will introduce matchmaking.

CRIP4LIFE Fully customisable button placements, like N0M4D, for disabled players>

Yes, and this is what Bowling asked N0M4D during E3.

And as this post draws to an end, you can view the whole Reddit thread here, and MW24/7’s must-read summary of it here. Too much Skype.

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