3XCLUSIV3 Black Tu3sday (Part 2)

The final piece of gameplay, of the mission Black Tuesday has been broken down. But something else first.

There has been another MW3 event, other than the one starting the Xbox global media breifing, this one featuring no live gameplay, but more of the story in…

iModernWarfare3 posted the video of the event, featuring Robert Bowling… well, you can see it.




This mission is right after Hunter Killer. You’re in New York playing as Delta Squad, as Frost, and you’re supposed to take down a communications jamming tower on the NY Stock Exchange’s roof.

So, what happens?
It starts off in a chopper crash, specifically a Chinook crash, the Chinook you were in escaping the NY harbour. You were meant to fly directly on the stock exchange, instead an RPG (Hey, returning weapon) hitting you (from Sandman screaming RPG!), forcing you to go down to the ground and get there on foot.

You go through multiple buildings until you get to the stock exchange, where you plant a thermite charge on the tower, destroying it in style, allowing communications to flow back into New York.

Weapons Spotted

  • Your Weapon M4A1 with Holographic and Magnifying Scope with Foregrip. You seem to change weapons from the sub explosion, you were probably using a silenced UMP back then.
  • Sandman’s Weapon Same.
  • AK-47. Silencer. ACOG. Red Dot Sight. Grenadier.
  • P90. ACOG. Holographic.
  • M4A1 (on the ground).
  • RB Frag Grenade.
  • LB 9-Bang. It’s like a flash grenade, but instead of flashing once, it flashes nine times with 9 bangs, probably blinding and deafening the enemy.
  • XM25 Grenade Launcher, confirmed after G4 gameplay with Bowling & Schofield. You aim directly on the target, but it fires above it, making it explode on the enemy’s head.
  • AT4.
  • Ammo Refill.
  • SPAS-12.
  • Thermite Charges.
  • Reaper Drone. MW3’s equivalent to the Predator drone.

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