EXCLUSIVE Gameplay Breakdown: 1 of 2

Well, we come to today where the latest gameplay breakdown is released, the SP mission Hunter Killer. I don’t know how IW & Sledgehammer came up with that name, probably from  Cat and Mouse. Who knows? But before the giant exclusive, here are the latest tweets:




And before that, two videos of a G4 preview, one of Kevin Pierera (please correct me if I’m wrong) and of the co-host of X-Play on the same channel.

Hunted. Killed.

Here is what we’ve all been waiting for (since yesterday) theCoDdaily’s breakdown of the first-ever live gameplay demo of Modern Warfare 3. You can download the files from Dropbox, the links will be at the end.

What happens?

I am summarising the story of the mission Hunter Killer from what can be seen from the gameplay.

This mission is set at the New York Harbour in the US, you play as Delta Force operative Sgt. Derek “Frost” Westbrook and happens on ‘Day 2’, 4:30 PM. The story of this mission is very simple, just plant the mine, get the launch codes, fire the missiles. Remember that this is after MW2 and the Russians made a surprise attack on the US. They have taken over New York and the US forces are retaking it.

You are most likely in a sewer with other Delta Force members, trying to get to the harbour to destroy the other Russian warships. You are equipped with a SONAR device to track the mines and other things planted underwater by the Russians. You plant a mine on a Russian submarine carrying missiles, which can be used to destroy other warships within the harbour.

The sub surfaces after it starts to be destroyed after the mine blast. You go in and then they skip a tiny bit of the mission. You return near the command room, breach it, then Sandman, your leader steals the launch codes off a Russian soldier. That is used to get a key to attack the other warships with missiles.

Weapons Spotted

A few weapons were spotted in this demo, but here they are.

  • Your Weapon (Frost) UMP / M4? With Silencer, confirmed.
  • Sandman’s Weapon UMP? M4?
  • AK-74u. With Red Dot Sight.
  • P90. With Holographic. And without it.
  • AA-12.
  • G18.

I’ll just remind you again that MW3 picks directly from the end of MW2, with Soap and all that grabbing cover from the enemies, so there will be a few new weapons to come.

A new interesting thing to come is the in-game menu. I’ll show it to you over to the right. It says ‘Demo Cheats’. Does that meancheats in Modern Warfare 3? Cheats in Call of Duty? First ever cheats? You can click the image to enlarge.

There’s also the friends option. Possibly an in-game friends menu just like Black Ops MP?

And so you can see it, here is a slideshow of the 60 photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dropbox Download

I have uploaded the images to Dropbox for the public to download. Here are the links.

Download .zip File: 2.83 MB

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