Well, you probably noticed my wordplay in this post’s title. And the site’s facelift. From yesterday when there was nearly no news and I nearly didn’t post at all (I admit it!) to today when it’s busting with news after the E3 gameplay.


E3 2011 just started yesterday. And with yesterday’s start came the Xbox 360 press conference. And with the start of the 360 conference came. It came. The most epic. The best-ever. The latest. Modern Warfare 3.

It started with a woman computer voice saying “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 Xbox 360 Global Media Briefing.” Then the normal Modern Warfare wavy lines, then the 3. More info on tomorrow’s Hunter Killer breakdown, a part of the 2-part series of the MW3 gameplay breakdowns. You can see the video at the very end of this post.

Call of Duty Elite Beta

Today, Activision announced the official release date of Elite Beta! For all the one million who requested to be a beta tester, it will begin on 14th July 2011.

Of course, Elite will have a premium subscription which will have all the features plus FREE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT and a monthly fee. This seems very similar to Xbox Live as there will also be a free subscription which will feature limited features, but, they say it is purely optional, the premium subscription and the features of Elite Free itself will outrank the other of its kind out there in the universe, including Battlelog, BF3’s version of Elite.

Oh yes. I nearly forgot Twitter.!/gamertweeting/status/77677413617766400!/gamertweeting/status/77685199374262273!/GamerTweeting/status/78028732530569216!/gamertweeting/status/77973174012227584


iModernWarfare 3’s G4TV Gameplay:

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