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Well, since there isn’t a lot of news today, which is… :(.

Unofficial Elite Features: Full Post – Click: MW24/7


The Improve section is the right place to go for tips. You can get guides, and of course, tips to help improve your gaming style and all that. Unlike the Career section, it is more about the facts of the things featured in the games itself, not only about you.

This section was the section with the least detail shown, due to a short part only shown in the trailer, but Activision said that there will be a ton of changes by the release this November.

Maps Section This section will provide a lot of information about the map you’re viewing. This may help you  improve your gameplay strategy on the map.

  • Map Overview General info about the map, like the location in the world.
  • Gametype breakdown Spawn, flag, bomb, and all the other locations in the map.

Weapons Section Detailed information of each weapon in the game. Even though it includes statistics of the weapon viewable from the game itself, it also includes tips on how it is to be used. It includes:

  • Weapon Organization Go through all weapons and see what you still have to buy.
  • Weapon Stats Damage, range, accuracy, mobility, fire rate. In-game stats.
  • Overview and Tips Weapon handling and tips on usage.
  • Attachments Available attachments and weapon effects.
  • Video Guides By Xbox Ahoy, for more tips on how to use guns effectively.

At the end of the trailer, you see a tiny bit of gameplay demo, probably by the map Dome, I think, and you can see an AK-47 and the SCAR.

Here were the images shown in the post, in slideshow post:

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Of course, you can view the full post here.

Battlefield 3 v. Modern Warfare 3

Well, since there was a lack of news, I went on Google News to find some Modern Warfare 3 news, and I found the most common news: the battle of the threes. BF3 v MW3. It’s a pre-E3 video. And because WordPress doesn’t support (Boo!), you have to click on this link which will open a new window / tab to see it. VIDEO HERE.

MW3 Confirmed Info

From Buypoe Gaming

Well, here is the other result I got from Google 😀 and it says that all the information below is 100% confirmed by Infinity Ward (I was going to say Treyarch).


Sub Machine Guns                                     Primary Weapons

  • MP5
  • AK74
  • Vector
  • P90
  • Skorpion
  • UMP

Assault Rifles                                                Primary Weapons

  • SCAR
  • FAL
  • M14 EBR
  • ACR
  • G36
  • AK47
  • M4A1

Sniper Rifles                                                   Primary Weapons

  • Remington SASS (RSASS)
  • Barrett .50cal

Light Machine Guns                                    Primary Weapons

  • RPD

Handguns                                                       Secondary Weapons

  • Walther P99
  • MP412
  • FMG (Full Auto)
  • SSP226
  • M1911

Shotguns                                                         Secondary Weapons

  • AA-12
  • SPAS-12
  • Striker
  • KSG
  • Model 1887

Launchers                                                       Secondary Weapons

  • RPG
  • AT4
  • M320 Launcher (individual)


  • Holographic Sight
  • Dual Scope
  • Supressor
  • Foregrip
  • Bi-pod for Snipers
  • ACOG Scope
  • Laser Sight for Handguns
  • Grenade Launcher for Assault Rifles

And here is the end of it, since I’m starting to get tired:


Ok well now that the weapons have been taken care of. Now on to the confirmed Kill Streaks.

EMP Grenade: Temporarily takes out all area electronics.

Littlebird: A tiny remote-controlled helicopter.

Precision Airstrike: Calls in an airstrike on a targeted area.

Stealth bomber: Calls in a B2 Spirit to carpet bomb along a line designated by the player.

Remote Turret: A remote controlled turret.

Directional UAV: A UAV that can be directed into areas to scan for enemies.

Remote Mortar: Direct a mortar team using a zoomable camera view of the map to call in strikes.

Airdrop Trap: A booby-trapped airdrop.

Ammo Resupply: An ammo airdrop.

Escort Airdrop: A protected airdrop.

Specialist Strike Package: Unknown.

Bye nuke 


Blind Eye: This makes you immune to computer-controlled and player-controlled killstreaks. The pro version makes your launchers lock on faster and gives you extra bullet damage to vehicles.

Assassin: This makes you immune to UAV, thermal, and heartbeat sensors. The pro version also makes you immune to CUAV, EMP and no longer shows your name in red or the crosshair in red when you’re targeted.

Point Guard: Every two assists count as a kill towards your killstreak.

Dead Silence: You make no noise.

Recon: Gives you a special kind of radar to spot enemies.

Also,Commando and Stopping Power will not be making a return in MW3

Other Info

Clans. In MW3 they have added a clan interface for better interaction between clan members and other clans. This interface will include clan rankings,rankings within the clan , etc.

Spec-Ops will be featured in MW3 and will work the same way as it did in MW2.

It has been said that MW3 will pick up where MW2 left off.


New York, New York
A plane transporting the president of Russia
London, England
A town in Sierra Leone
Dharmasala, India
Mogadishu, Somalia
Hamburg, Germany
Paris, France
Prague, Czech Republic
A castle in the Czech mountains
Berlin, Germany
The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Washington. D.C.

MP Map Names:

Plaza 2

And that will be all for now.Any additional information received will be added to the thread.

Read more:

Thank you again for reading this, tomorrow is E3, well maybe due to time zones, it will be in a few hours, and we will have latest info of MW3 after it happens, tomorrow.

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