155 Days Remaining

There are 155 days remaining until the battle shall begin. World War 3.

But before I start talking like crazy, I have to tell you that it isn’t a news day.

First, in my second-latest tweet, I discovered that there will be… well, see for yourself.!/theCoDdaily/status/76994613029769217

Well, it actually isn’t 30 mins since I checked it again and turns out there’s more games, re-confirmed by:

It still looks interesting, though.

Well, I was looking on my Twitter homepage for the latest tweets and I’ve come across a very, very interesting tweet.!/GamerTweeting/status/77214007601274882

Wait, no ammo? I’ve got to check this out.

Well, the page they were showing included this picture from the reveal trailers of both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 ➟

Well, IW & Sledgehammer, I’m sure you’ll fix that bug up, won’t you?

I’m currently waiting on a reply now from Slegehammer.!/gamertweeting/status/77014751212867586

I posted a latest tweet, like one of the polls I have here:!/theCoDdaily/status/77207634146631680

I will make another version of that below.

Unofficial Elite Info

Well, Modern Warfare 24/7 have analysed the next part of the Elite trailer, and it is now time for me to write Elite in italics.

Welcome to the Compete section. This, they say, is the place where gamers can battle it out in a variety of levels, leagues and tournaments for all players on all levels. And the best part is the prizes. There will be more details later.

Program Guide The Program Guide is where you can keep track of events…

  • taking place right here, right now
  • that you are registered for
  • coming in the future

There are events for just about everything…

  • Lone Wolf Free-for-All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Clans
  • Nazi Zombies Black Ops only!
  • Other Fun events – Top Clip

What’s in the program guide? Well, these were spotted:

  • Event Management The events you are registered for, completed events and future events.
  • Community Events From fun to seriously serious.
    • Video Event Gun Game Speed Run
    • Video Event Sniper Highlight Reel
    • Best Kills using a Blade Weapon
    • Call of Duty Game Quiz
    • 3 Day Console Giveaway
    • Zombie Scavenger Hunt
    • Zombie Image Caption Contest

The navigation of those events are easy and once you find an event, you will be presented with an overview including all the need-to-know info to enter. There is also a comments section to allow discussion within the competitors. Once the event ends, the winners are highlighted through a Winner’s podium and the prizes are presented.

Leagues allows you to compete against other gamers through public matches. There is a qualification round, but each heat has a specific time limit and objective.

Leagues are also broken down into seasons, but it looks as though each event is only a month long. Seasons will hopefully move quickly in case you miss out and have to wait for the next season.

Here are some of the features of the Leagues section.

  • Schedule Seasons are about one month and you are unable to join in the middle of it.
  • Event Structure Qualification, Heat rounds. Eliminate competitors.
  • Points Trophy points are awarded for each heat, performance-based.
  • Divisions I-III Possible segments of the competition for all players.
  • Prizes Awarded to top gamers in trophy form, points and other items.

The promotion video and other news articles also mention that prizes can range from digital medals to other, cool prizes like…

  • Swag
  • Headsets
  • Console packages
  • iPads
  • Call of Duty edition Jeeps

That ends the Compete section analysis, and you can continue to stay tuned to MW24/7 for more.

IMAGE SLIDESHOW!!! of Elite‘s Compete.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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