PS3 Escalation + Elite FAQ

With all the new info on two of the most talked about topics, it set the CoD community into a frenzy.

Escalation PS3 Release Date

Well, after the PSN outage which brought down the whole PlayStation Network, stealing credible information from its 77 million members, contiuning the threats, Activision decided to release Escalation for PS3 this June 10.

The PS Store is back up and running, allowing people to download 2 free PS3 and 2 free PSP games for free an auto 60-day PS Plus free. Now, I won’t go into any more details.

In an official post by Dan Amrich, a.k.a. One of Swords, the Activision Social Media Manager, he said…

Hey PC gamers! As promised, the PC release date for Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation DLC was June 2 — yesterday, so it’s up now — and you can get it from SteamDirect2Drive or even direct from Activision.

However, you probably noticed that the PlayStation 3 date was notpromised — no release date was announced. Since the PlayStation Store had its well-publicized down times, nobody wanted to make a promise they couldn’t keep, so they waited until those problems could be worked out. Now that the Store is up and running again, that date has been revealed: June 10, which is a week from today. And yes, there will be double XP to go with it. So first you have E3 news all week, and then new Black Ops content all weekend.

Escalation’s PS3 release will be celebrated by every single Black Ops player via another Double XP weekend! Now, this Weekend will start at Friday the 10th 10AM PDT and ending at Monday the 13th at 10 am PDT*.

*Sydney Time: Saturday 11 June 3 AM - Tuesday 12 June 3 AM

Thanks, Once Again, to Mr Amrich

Well, after that post, Dan Amrich posted again, which I don’t really want to talk about and then another post about What He Knows About Call of Duty Elite.

Well, what he posted about was a PDF document by Activision stating all Frequently Asked Questions by… everyone, which you can see by clicking here, here or here. Or maybe even here.

The document starts with the ‘three guiding principles of Elite’

I’m not putting any more detail.

“A selection of Elite’s free features will let you:

  • Access Elite through the web as well as Elite’s free custom iOS and Android applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Communicate any way you want across mobile, console and the web with your friends
  • Track and share thousands of stats with friends – k/d ratios, score-per-minute, win % and loads more, all represented in easy to understand charts and infographics
  • Create your own custom leaderboards to track friendly rivalries – who is moving up and down in your group of friends?
  • Analyze advanced heat maps detailing your match-by-match performance – where you
  • killed or got killed, when it happened, and more
  • Analyze your weapons performance – which weapons you are best with in which situations
  • Upload and share videos of your greatest moments through our exclusive theater mode with the touch of a button
  • After you analyze your performance to your heart’s content – Customize your loadout – search through all the weapons, attachments and perks, and push them directly into the game menu from the web or your mobile device with the touch of a button
  • Join dozens of groups and find other players with common interests to play with and
  • compete against – find people who make the game the most fun for you – TDM, Lakers’
  • fans, Weekend Warriors
  • Create a Clan with players who share your interests and taste for competition
  • Bring your Facebook friends right into the game, easily taking your existing network into the Call of Duty experience.
  • Seamlessly be placed into Groups with those who share your affinities and interests based on your Facebook profile.
  • Start tracking your Call of Duty career – everything you wanted to know about your performance across the franchise starting with Black Ops.”

“The premium membership of Call of Duty Elite (which is completely optional) will set a new gold standard for what the
multiplayer and community experience for a console game can be.”

Frequently Asked Questions, summarised.

Is Elite a new website?
They’re on the web, but they’re designing CoD Elite to be accessible to a lot of devices – web browsers, in-game, mobile apps including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Pay-for-Play Multiplayer?
No, Activision is providing choices, but not taking anything away. Multiplayer is still free.

Free Stats?
Yes. It is free for all registered users.

How will Elite compare to free offerings that currently exist?
Activision believes the free elements alone will be better than any free service available now.

Elite Beta?
Elite will officially launch alongisde MW3, and there are features you can try out with the beta. All you need to do to sign up is to register your email address and gamertag, which will give Activision a request. Now, Activision can either accept or decline that. Request now:

Will the beta include everything?
Because Elite is designed to be integrated to MW3, not all features will be in the beta with Black Ops. You will get to try some features, though.

Connect, Compete, Improve. WHAT?

  • Connect Elite will give our players unprecedented control over their Call of Duty  multiplayer experience, transforming it into a true social experience. Players can compete against friends, players of similar skill levels, players with similar interests.
  • Compete Call of Duty players want to compete, but are looking for a way to do it that fits their skill and style.
  • Improve will offer continually evolving professional tips and advice. Tools and information are provided so players can learn and up their game, regardless if you’re a newer player or level 15 Prestige.

I’m an average player. How can I have a chance to participate in the competition?
Just like a sport, Activision blieve competing in CoD should be fun and accessible regardless of  skill. Activision wants all Elites to find a range of competition that well-suits them and gives them a chance to win.

Elite: hardcore gamers only?
Connect, Compete, Improve is universal and regardless of skill and has been made for CoD’s ‘diverse base of players’.

Does Elite support Black Ops?
Yes. It is designed to be integrated into MW3, so not all features will be part of the beta with Black Ops.

How is Elite different with MW3?
“The Beachhead team has been working closely with Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games
to build Elite from the ground up to support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. When Elite launches this November, the service will include a number of all-new features and
innovations being built directly by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Gamesinto the new
game. For example, your Elite community Group and Clan affiliations and identity will be
incorporated directly into Modern Warfare 3”.

When will Elite launch?
November 8th, 2011.

Where will Elite be available?
“Elite will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. In addition, there will be custom
Elite applications available on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones”.

How can I become a member?
With the roll out of the Call of Duty Elite beta this summer on Black Ops,
players can sign up on to queue up for participation. Once the
platform officially launches with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th, players
will be able to enter the service in through a variety of ways, which will be announced
later this year.

Can you buy Map Packs standalone?

If I have a premium membership of Elite, will I get the full features of the map packs?
Yes. You do not have to buy that with your Elite fee.

Will there be Customer Service?
Yes. 24/7 worldwide service is available.

Why announce now if you can’t show us all the Modern Warfare 3 launch features and
Elite was designed from the ground up to integrate with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
Therefore, many of the services which will be a part of the premium membership will not be
able to be demonstrated fully until the launch of Modern Warfare 3. The reason we launched
the service ahead of that time was to invite people to participate in a public beta of the
service using Black Ops, which will help to test the service at scale and fine tune it before its
official release this November. The premium membership to Elite also will include many
industry firsts, and will represent the ultimate Call of Duty experience.

Can prestige weapons be bought through Elite?
No. Elite wants to help people, but there’s still one way to rank up and earn weapons, which is through the game.

When will launch details be released?
Throughout the summer Activision will be talking about Elite in detail, so stay tuned for more

Who is Beachhead Studios?
Beachhead is a new development studio, who is creating the Elite service for the Call of Duty
franchise. Beachead Studios are entirely focused on making Elite the best gaming service in the world, and
improving it every day. The Beachhead Studio will be supporting our Call of Duty games
throughout the year.

Unofficial Details

MW24/7 has released their unofficial details part 2, from the THELEGENDofKARL trailer, which you can see here. I will not go into any detail since… well, this post is getting too long!

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