CoD Elite Revealed

So, here’s today’s plan, first, the latest MW3 tweets, then the tweets mentioning us, then the Call of Duty Elite info, then some MW3 videos.

Latest Tweets
@fourzerotwo COD ELITE is free, for all players, some paid aspects TBD. Absolutely NO fee to play #MW3 multiplayer. Detailed reveal coming tomorrow AM.
@PlayStation Full PSN Services, including PlayStation Store, to Return This Week
@Subwoof3r most hilarious montage I’ve seen for long. #callofdutyelite details … #callofduty #blackops #elite #cantwaitforit
Tweets to @theCoDdaily
@MaudieMcduff149 @theCoDdaily We’re giving away a Free playstation!
@PennySchlotter4 @theCoDdaily We’re giving away a Free Free Call Of Duty!
@helpinghand2012 @theCoDdaily Love this game Call of Duty ( Black Ops ) check this out i think you will like…
@boypreb @theCoDdaily 😉 for all Call Of Duty fans !

Call of Duty Elite Revealed

Well, Attack of the Fanboy posted the latest Call of Duty Elite info, which I have summarised below on the post.

Well, if you remember the leak, you saw a Call of Duty Elite logo, which I believed was fake.

Little details have spilled about the service until this evening when a major media outlet broke the media embargo for the game.  The leak insinuated that Call of Duty’s multiplayer would be a premium service, which as it turns out, isn’t the case.

They continue on saying that CoD Elite is free for everyone, which can be used in both Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. That’s pretty good.

CoD Elite features a lot of standard (free) and premium services (aww, a fee) which were leaked from a leaked trailer.

They then continued with some tweets.

That was a great post, wasn’t it? You can see the whole thing here.

Well, last night, I was going through Twitter and someone I follow tweeted an interesting video link. Here it is:

As you can see, it is about the MW3 Killstreaks and Perks. I haven’t seen it myself yet.

And if you want to, MW24/7 made a round-up of all the Q&As with @fourzerotwo, IW’s community manager. You can see it here.

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