[EXCLUSIVE] See Upcoming Pages For Yourself

We live in a world where seeing ain’t believing. I don’t know why I remembered that, since it’s from the Black Ops Premiere trailer. Well, firstly, the latest tweets.

@DW247 @Platform_Nation @JD_2020
Leaked images of the new upcoming official Call of Duty website – Identity Theft Protection Offer For PSN And Qriocity: Sony started sending emails for the free indentity theft pr… Limited Editiion #CODBlackOps PS3 Bundle? Yes please!
Mod Tools for #CODBlackOps will be released on PC Tuesday 31st May. Full details –

Just like yesterday’s special investigation on the new Survival mode, I saw the leaked images of the upcoming CoD website. Here are the images.

I then went to the MW3 website finding the filepage of the MW3 logo where the Call of Duty is Black instead of white, but I couldn’t find it, so I searched the source code and searched for Videos since that was the link next to the logo and since I can read very, very basic HTML, I found this.

That was the ‘suffix’ of the URL. So to go to videos, you go to So I used that to get to  the other pages, which you CAN go to. Instead of having to type those incredibly long links, you can just click on it.

You can also click on the links from the currently invisible pages. 😀

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