Easter Eggs, Analyses and Tweets

Firstly, the Tweets. I actually only choose interesting ones that are related to CoD from the people I follow. If you want to get followed by @theCoddaily, follow us now!

Latest Tweets
@GamerTweeting New Battlefield 3 Images http://bit.ly/knrpTb PSN Update Version 3.70 bit.ly/jjY0zb #updates PSN
@DW247 Check out these two videos analyzing the Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer: http://www.modernwarfare247.com/news/mw3-trailer-analysis #MW3 Check out our two video guides for the Call of the Dead Easter Eggs, bagging you three achievements in the process – http://bit.ly/lQ7hkQ
@fourzerotwo http://fzt.me/MW3survival Modern Warfare 3’s new Spec Ops Survival mode w/ matchmaking, team leaderboards, progressive ranking in #MW3 co-op
@CoDBlackOpsNews Retweet from @robbokris @CoDBlackOpsNews could you please rt my mw3 perk ideas commentary (BO gameplay) I’m just 75 views away from 2k. youtube.com/watch?v=jvzasn…
@OneOfSwords MW3 Survival Mode revealed in USA Today http://bit.ly/kpoNUF

Easter Eggs

Well, from DW247’s tweet, which you can see above, I looked at the post and found two videos about the Easter Eggs in the map Call of the Dead.

You can view the whole post here.

There was also another post from @DW247 that was interesting to me that I checked the link as well.

It was, of course, about trailer analyses, especially of IGN’s analysis of the MW3 reveal trailer as well as their own analysis of it.

They say that there is an image that is talked about a lot, maybe even the possibility of being Ghost from Modern Warfare 2.Here are the YouTube videos shown. I have already posted IGN’s analysis, so I posted the other one on this one.

MW3. Survival. USA Today.

I also looked at fourzerotwo’s tweet about new Spec Ops info, which turned out to be the same link which OneOfSwords tweeted. I just looked at it after I published this post, so this is pretty much like an update. I didn’t want to make a new post and get you all confused because of my homepage and the long previews, so here it is.

They say that MW2’s special ops will have an upgrade in MW3, with a progressive rank system, online matchmaking and leaderboards (let’s hope those ‘boards don’t get hacked again). The Spec Ops mode will also be using Singleplayer maps, like in MW2.

All that stuff really fleshes out Spec Ops and adds in a lot that we know our fans are going to love, some of the most addictive aspects of Multiplayer.

-Robert Bowling a.k.a. @fourzerotwo, IW community manager

The writer teamed up with an IW producer “for a couple tries at Spec Ops’ new survival mode on a map currently called Dome, a derelict Cold War-era desert radar command bunker”.

Now, this is where it gets very interesting.

As they deployed the ever-increasing waves of enemies, he changed his pistol for a shotgun (good for him).

Rubin (IW producer) passed me some in-game currency and I bought and installed a turret to keep the evildoers at bay, while I watched for attack dogs.

Hang on, what did you say? He passed you in-game currency? Not that I dislike sharing, but the fact that there is in-game currency in Survival Mode! Wow! This is starting to be more and more of IW’s version of Zombies. Just un-zombified. And this new thing, sharing, would be a good thing for the next Treyarch game. In zombies.

Attack dogs. Since when were there any attack dogs in a IW game? Never. This is starting to be lots of new stuff. Let’s read on.

After a few waves, the attack dogs became suicide bomber dogs that exploded a few seconds after you shot them. The next wave brought the kamikaze soldiers who exploded similarly.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Attack dogs into suicide bomber dogs? This is sounding famillar to me. Gas zombies, not that they’re dogs though. Please, continue.

“You definitely have to change up your strategy as the enemy changes up,” Bowling said afterward. “Obviously how you fight the kamakazi dudes is different from how you fight the normal dudes and how you fight a dog is different from a dude and how you fight juggernauts, they are not only big and armored, so they will just brute force come at you. But they each have their own way of being taken out effectively.”

Now, even if this doesn’t sound like zombies, the return of Juggernauts?

Yes, there are juggernauts returning from the previous games; there will be several different types of them, too. But back in the game, I took heed from Rubin on how to counterattack choppers raining fire from overhead. The game has an unlimited number of waves. “We got up to wave 8 which is really a good wave for a first time player,” Rubin pronounces afterwards.

Oh, OK. There are Juggernauts in the game. But wait, ‘several different types of them’? Very interesting indeed. And also counterattacking choppers raining fire from overhead.

So if they got up into wave 8, which he says is pretty good for a newbie, it really is like zombies. Round 8 IS extraordinary for a newbie, not playing any FPS before that. But round 10 sounds more extraordinary for a newbie in zombies. Maybe Survival Mode is different and difficult.

So from this extraordinarily jam-packed post, I shall make a poll, whether you believe Surival Mode is or is not IW and Sledgehammer’s version of Treyarch’s zombies.

Oh, and if you want to, you can view the full post here.

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