MW3 Previews + PS4

PlayStation 4 Confirmed

Before I show you the new previews and screenshots of MW3, breaking news.

The PS4 is in development, according to, which I got from @GamerTweeting‘s tweet, which I couldn’t find since it was full of retweets. It was more of a clue of it than saying ‘PS4 is coming’.

MW3 Previews Released

The reveal trailer appeared on ESPN last Monday, which gave off a lot of new MW3 news. However, today, the first OFFICIAL screenshots of the game were released along with some more campaign previews.

Guardian has said that…

As for online multiplayer – well, something big is planned and an announcement is due next week.

Briefly, they said that Activision and all the other companies are planning on making a press conference about MW3’s online multiplayer.

You can see what the press saw in those releases by clicking on the following links.

And here, finally, are the stuff we’ve all been waiting for. The screenshots. From MW24/7. You can click on MW24/7 to view their post and download the images.

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