E3: Good For Intel

Well @1mw2 tweeted that @fourzerotwo tweeted about releasing more information about Modern Warfare 3 during E3, which I believe is June 7-9.

This is the original tweet.

@JBrown_410 We are very close to #E3, it’s always good for intel.

You can clearly see that they’re trying to tell us that there will be more information regarding Modern Warfare 3 during E3, just like Black Ops. Maybe we’ll even get to see some gameplay during E3, like the mission in Black Ops where you’re in Vietnam and you were stealing a helicopter. You should remember that from last year if you saw E3.

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Well, from iMW3’s tweet, i decided to go to their site and see the video. I already saw an analysis of the trailer by some other guys, so I decided to put that in too.

@iMW3 (IGN Rewind)

The one I found…

I do apologise yesterday for not completing this post. I am very sorry.

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