Makarov’s Will

It doesn’t take the power of all the greatest nations of the world to start a global conflict, but the will of a single man.

Those were the words of Vladimir Makarov in the new Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer.

I don’t want to reveal all so I just want you to see the full reveal trailer.

Dah! Sounds like a good campaign story. You can actually see your character getting a mag from another soldier for your M16 or M4. Is this like Medal of Honour where you can just press □ or Ⓧ to ask your fellow soldier to give you more ammo.

And of course Call of has been updated! View it now.

Latest MW3 tweets!

Well, when I went on Twitter, I was stunned with all the tweets I got from the people I follow, especially @GamerTweeting who has posted so many news on game news. PS. These are not actual tweets! Unless if they have quotation marks at the start and end.



  • “Modern Warfare 3 world premiere gameplay trailer tonight on NBA Western Conference Finals around 6pm PT (2 am UK). I’ll link HD here. #MW3
  • Watch MW3 reveal trailer now!


  • They say that lots of new info has been shown in the new reveal trailer, and they found a backpacker in 1:05 of the video, so they ask if there will be One Man Army. Very interesting point. I hope not. No more noobtubes!
  • They say that on 0:12 of the video they saw an M4 with ACOG and Reflex. They ask if there is a Warlord-like perk. I can actually answer that! No. That is only one attachment. I remember reading about a new attachment (probably from Kotaku) which is a zoomed red dot sight, so that might be it. Need help!
  • They say that they saw the FAMAS on 0:36! Are you happy the FAMAS is back? Reply on the comments.


  • “I’ll just say it; That #MW3 trailer that came out tonight has me pretty fricken pumped! Much kudos @fourzerotwo & @GuyBeahm.”
* I know that that tweet is not about MW3, but it's about BF3, MW3's
  major competitor, so I had to post it.

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