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From Tweets

The following tweets are the exact thing copied and pasted.


  • RT @UpToDateMW3: I liked a @YouTube video Warfare 3 – Prestige Emblems [RUMOURED] LEAKS & INFORMAT
  • So 10th prestige is the max not 15 like black ops, more and more details show that its going to be follow-up for MW2, that great news! #MW3
  • On one of the new P99 Titanium Coated pictures there is a flashlight under it, do we really get night missions?? #MW3
  • The NBA Conference Finals start at 21:00 Eastern time so If I’m right that +7 for Dutch time, so going to be a late night! #MW3
  • Retweet by @1mw2
    All Modern Warfare 3 beta videos are FAKE (CONFIRMED BY Robert Bowling!)
  • More on tweet later.
    Check MW24/7 for brand spanking new #MW3 info! Boxart and the much anticipated “Hero” wallpaper can be found » #DW247

Lots of MW3 stuff revealed

According to Modern Warfare 24/7, they were contacted by someone via email “with some leaked marketing images and information (including box art, platform information and a wallpaper, along with more) set for launch on the Call of Duty website presumably after the reveal trailer is aired. Below are the images and information we received.”

The world premiere trailer, according to the email will be aired during game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals Monday Night.

But before that, they were contacted by another person with other MW3 stuff, like box art.

Another image that was sent confirmed the platforms the game will be released on. They are:

  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • PC
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS

A different image confirms the release date to be November 8.

And the source code of says that ESRB, the US rating department which rates TV shows, games and movies.
It says that ESRB has classified it as 17+, which is typical for a Call of Duty game.

So expect it to be rated MA15+, 18, Z and M in other countries.

You can view the full MW24/7 post here.

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