Play For Japan Continues & Post-Release Support

Firstly, Play For Japan is still on, which you can view by going to I have to warn you that it is laggy and you do need Facebook to see it. Play For Japan is also a donation thing… a charity, and you can donate by going to They’re currently playing Gun Game in Discovery, and I don’t know who JD is playing with someone I don’t know and I think it will last for 50 hours or 2 days and 2 hours. I think.

MW3 will provide post-release support, according to @fourzerotwo’s reply to a post:


@fourzerotwo I’m looking forward to MW3. Just please; provide exceptional post-launch support this time with constant patches 🙂


@Concersion Thanks! That is a major focus of mine and the entire team since the feedback from Modern Warfare 2.

And according to Modern Warfare 24/7:

This information is referencing to the poor post-launch support provided to Modern Warfare 2, a game that had many balance-related flaws in Multiplayer that could have been fixed rather easily. We all remember the likes of ‘One Man Army Noob Tubes’ and the ‘Commando Lunge’. These issues are just a few amongst a long list of things that needed addressing in Modern Warfare 2 post launch. Just to further signify the importance of post-launch support and also signify the lack of attention Infinity Ward paid to it, the map Fuel, part of the Resurgence Map Pack, released on June 3rd 2010, included a well known exploit, the ‘rock glitch’ in which players could enter a near-bullet proof rock that hid them from view. The players in the rock would then eliminate any enemies that walked by without being able to be killed themselves. This exploit took Infinity Ward an extremely long time to patch, enraging many Call of Duty fans that just wanted to play the map Fuel properly.

Treyarch, in comparison to Infinity Ward, have provided excellent post-launch support for their recent development to the series Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch stated very early on that this would be a primary focus for them moving forward and have delivered on that promise over the course of the year. Although Treyarch haven’t necessarily been fan favorites on the Call of Duty scene, they have certainly redeemed their reputation since November with many fans now turning to Treyarch instead of Infinity Ward as their favourite Call of Duty developer.

This news also comes at a time when Microsoft has released information on a new Xbox update including support for a new disc format, named ‘XGD3’. According to many reports, it will still be a DVD disc, but will allow for an additional gigabyte of storage space as well as enhancing anti-piracy measures. This information may be bad news for modders and hackers looking to crack into future Call of Duty games. Modern Warfare 2 was just one of the numerous Call of Duty games that was cracked allowing players to enter Prestige lobbies where they could elevate their ranks artificially.

The community will be expecting great things from the 3 developers working on Modern Warfare 3 this summer. Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have significant ground to make up following the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, considered by many a step in the right direction for the Call of Duty series. Many gamers agree that ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, released in 2007, the Call of Duty series has been nosediving. However Black Ops has shown signs of promise. Can Modern Warfare 3 be the great game that the community has been waiting for? We’ll find out in November.

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