Play For Japan Live on Machinima Live

Play For Japan

Well, it is right now, and the Play For Japan Live is now on Machinima Live. You do need Facebook to see that, don’t worry, you can search on YouTube for the video later.

@JD_2020 and @FidgetFD are playing this marathon, which would take a long time, and if you’re wondering, she is feminine, OK.

You can see the live gameplay and the live ‘audience’ in the room they’re playing on Machinima Live (Facebook Only), but I have to warn you, I’m watching right now, it is laggy.

Twitter Follow Me, I’ll Follow You

If you follow me, I’ll follow you on Twitter. That’s the deal for the first hundred followers of @theCoDdaily.

Inside: MW3

Last night, I was on my Twitter account and I went through the posts of @1mw2 and found that they tweeted a lot of great videos. Here are some.

That was a tiny bit more about the singleplayer campaign, while this one is about what MW3 MP might be.

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