[MW3] New Trailer On ESPN

Well, according to a post on the DW24/7 forums and from so many other sources, the new MW3 World Premiere Trailer will be on ESPN sometime this Monday.

Here is the original post.

I just saw the America Teaser on ESPN but at the end it said there will be a world premiere on May 23rd during this year NBA Western Conference Final’s on ESPN. This is no surprise since they have been doing this since MW2 but I will update this post with the World Premiere Trailer as soon as it’s online :). So please no repeat thread’s with the same exact video Thank You :) .

** UPDATE 5/19**

Here is around what time the trailer will premiere on ESPN http://gyazo.com/210…2de970f9a7762c0

**Note that is US Eastern Time***

While your waiting for May 23rd just look at my sig makes time fly ;)

This post has been edited by IX GhOsT X1: Today, 09:26 AM

Well, it did include a link, which can be previewed here.

So get your reminders ready to see this trailer live! Or you can wait until we post it here.
And if you thought that was not enough for a post, it was, and we apologise.

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